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Yay or Nay Wednesday – jewelled pick-up skirt

By admin on January 23rd, 2008 4 comments

A lot of work has gone in to this style to make it a special dress for someone. There’s a ruched bodice with embroidery and a big skirt with pick-ups and jewelled detailing yet it doesn’t look particularly fussy possibly because it’s stayed quite form fitting. Love it or hate it, give it a vote with a yay or nay and why.

When I asked you about a satin sash dress last week, I hadn’t realised 80% of the vote would be a ‘nay’ with comments like ‘dull’ and ‘bland.’ Take note designers, our readers want more than just a pretty sash on their dream dress. You can find last week’s dress at Mori Lee.

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  • claire

    eek have to say its half and half this week the corset looks intersting but the skirt is too puffed up and froo froo for me – its hard to see what the detail on the skirt actually is …the model looks super skinny too

  • stephanie

    I must say that I do like this style in concept. However, I went dress shopping with a friend and she tried something like this on and looked like a Barbie cake. You know, the ones with the skirt of frosting all around the doll? It also made her look shorter than she is. And by the way, her clavicle looks painful. ouch!

  • k_sra

    I think a jewelled pick-up is better than a plain pick-up, although I’m not terribly fond of either. And I think the bodice is working hard enough to flatter a top-heavy girl (sweatheart, v-shaped ruching), so I’d give this one a “Yay.” : )

  • rhaeniel

    Nay – over the top, frilly nonsense.
    And I don’t like the way it looks as if someone’s chopped away at her already non-existent waist in photoshop, just to make her look even more emaciated. If she was really that small, I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to even stand up in all those layers of skirt!

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