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Finding love online… it’s easier than you think

By admin on February 11th, 2008 1 comment

love%20laptop.JPGI know we have many readers here who aren’t getting married but like to cast their eyes over the pretty frocks and gasp at the frock horrors. Seeing as all our fabulous brides started off single, it got me wondering how you all met your other halves. Were you introduced by friends, flirted over the photocopier at work (do people still do that?) or did you meet online? Funnily enough, the latter way of meeting people is not only not at all gasp inducing these day. I bet you could all name someone who met their significant other online. I can think of several!

Think of the six degrees of separation rule. You are, theoretically, only six steps away from everyone else in the world. So, really you are closer than you think to The One or at least The Right Here, Right Now. Are you using your Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and so on to its full potential? You can read an article I wrote for the Telegraph about why online conservations have a new role in the modern romance here and let us know your online matchmaking experiences in the comments.

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  • Jessie

    Actually, 2 very dear friends of mine met their other half online. With our lives going at break-neck speed these days, it’s so hard to meet new people so I think online dating is a really good way to go about it. Plus, you can do most of the filtering right in your own living room!

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