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Yay or Nay Wednesday – Simple silk dress

By admin on February 13th, 2008 12 comments

This is a dress for the ladies who are utterly bored of overly fussy numbers. With a nicely draping skirt, this silk dress has a shirred empire-line bust. Sure, it isn’t princessy but it’s classic and elegant and under $250 which makes it a bargain too. Yays or nays, please!

Last week’s burgandy corsage dress got a nay. No one needs butt flowers. End of!

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  • Melissa

    I say yay! The simpler the dress the easier to accessorize. I absolutely love this site. I have a wedding coming up in Sept 08 and I obtained many ideas for my 1930’s style wedding on a budget.

  • A big yay from me, this is exactly the style I like as it means you can dress it up (or not) with accessories.

  • Khera

    YAY! Definitely…but where’s it from???

  • Laurai

    yay. its exactly what i’m looking for!

  • claire


    love it

  • Danielle

    Yay!! So pretty!

  • Alex

    Yay! Absolutely love it! (Probably because it’s very similiar to the one I’ll be wearing in a couple of months time!) Classicly elegant, demure and feminine.

  • HH

    Definite YAY!
    It caught my eye and I loved it as soon as I saw it… then moments later I realised it’s similar to the one I wore for my wedding six months ago! Both are beautiful, timeless and guarantees that looking back on the photo 5/10 years and thinking “what the hell was I thinking of?…’

    Even tho I recently got married I still check out the site.

  • Ilaria

    I have seen this dress a month ago and I even thought of buying it! It is exactly what I want. Simply. Nicely wrapping. Silk, that softly and smoothly follows your body and movement.
    YAY! Absolutely YAY!

  • claire

    my guess though I don’t live in the looks like something Jcrew would stock….so pretty

  • Danielle

    Definatly a Yay! JCrew does such simple, classic gowns.

  • rhaeniel

    Yay – it’s a very pretty dress.. although I should bloody think it’d be under $250 – it’s not as if there’s layers and layers of fabric there to raise the cost!
    Adding a wide ribbon round the waist in whatever colour you’ve chosen for the theme would be really easy with this dress.

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