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Diamond in the Rough Solitaire ring

By admin on March 6th, 2008 4 comments

intherough.jpgHave you ever looked at a diamond and thought, “It’s nice, but I’d prefer it if it wasn’t cut and polished … maybe if it looked more like a lump of rock…” No?

A company called Diamond in the Rough has. Their rings showcase “the natural, unique beauty of uncut diamonds”. This particular ring features one rough 10.82 carat diamond – 10.82 carats! – in an 18-karat white gold (and, yes, diamond-studded) setting. And it costs $14,000.00 from Neiman Marcus. Yowser.

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  • I liked it ’till the $14,000 X(

  • I liked it ’till the $14,000 X(

  • really bummed that this is no longer available. boyfriend is going to try to have it re-created elsewhere 🙁

  • Michelle

    so gorgeous… no other company can do what diamond in the rough does!

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