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GUEST BLOG: Brigit Sapstead

By admin on March 10th, 2008 2 comments

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With only a month to go, stressed bride-to-be Brigit Sapstead still has no dress, her reception plans are coming together – only just, and the groom has announced that he is going away on business the weekend before the wedding! Not only that, it is looking increasingly likely that the blushing bride will be accompanied up the aisle by fiance’s new toy, the iPhone! Over to Brigit…

Trendy London girlfriend, Jane, answered my distressed telephone call and talked me into taking another train ride into the City. I try and avoid trains … and I try and avoid London.

So, on a beautiful, sunny day I set off from the coast and hit town. By the time I reached Peter Jones, I was ready for a glass of wine. I meandered down to the footspa and was persuaded to have a pedicure. Heaven! I am now convinced that this is the best way to attack London.

The lady in the spa gave me a very natty pair of almost flip flops to put on and avoid smudging the nail polish. Next problem – negotiating the escalator without getting stuck in the steps. Fortunately, the lovely Emma, from the Personal Styling department was at the top of the escalator with a bright smile and look of reassurance.

I have to hand it to John Lewis, their personal stylists know how to make a gal feel good. First of all Emma offered me some tea, “ah … you don’t by any chance have something a little stronger??!! It was approaching 5 pm after all…

She then made me feel like top model by informing me that my bra was too big! I suddenly transformed from a 36″ to 32” with gorgeous DD cup size. The dream didn’t last long – when I tried on a Calvin Klein boulder holder in my new svelte sizing, I nearly asphyxiated myself. Back to a size 34, and once home, back into my trusty M&S 36Cs!

Emma and I walked the floor and sadly there was nothing to match my desire for long, floaty and pink. Peter Jones, like most of the department stores this season, are definitely going for ‘mother of the bride’ or tarty short, sleeveless and backless numbers. Poor Emma, she got my colours right, she kept smiling, she was a star. I felt I had to buy the Calvin Klein bra, but sorry Emma, it’s gone into the back of the undies drawer.

On to girlfriend Jane’s for supper and strategy for sourcing dress. “Let me sort you out, darling,” Jane declared, “off to Bond street, followed by lunch at the Berkeley, and then a massage!”

So, we hit Bond Street and walked past ProNovias. There in the window was THE dress! But, no price tag. OMG – Jane was on a roll. I had gone weak at the knees. She grabbed my hand and pounced on a very smart looking assistant and having determined that THE dress was way out of budget, managed to negotiate a look at the sale rail. Staring at us was THE dress in a different colour and marked at £150! It was too big, but so what, I can sew…

But, then the ‘fun’ started. The assistant informed us that the dress had been withdrawn from the sale and was back to its original astronomical price tag. Jane went ballistic. I was near tears.

The Manager was called and Jane read the riot trade descriptions act! Finally, after much sashaying up and down stairs, the Manager agreed that the dress had to be sold for the advertised price. Only, the £150 tag had somehow disappeared!

By this stage, girlfriend Jane was apoplectic with rage, and as another price tag of £210 had been discovered, we agreed on purchasing the dress. Phew! Popped next door into the most amazing shoe shop in the world. Raj, the wonderful owner has shod the feet of stars from Joan Collins to Britney. I couldn’t resist a pair of kitten heels in an ivory silk and felt appropriately smug when Raj told me that he had suggested to Princess Di the very same style for her big day!

Our good humour returned, Jane and I set off for the Boxwood Cafe at the Berkeley Hotel. Thank you Jane for sorting me out, and thank you Gordon Ramsay for a fabulous lunch!

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  • Ann

    Bring several of your bridesmaids along with you for input on your dress. Have one of your friends bring along a camera, small notebook and a pen to take pictures of you in the different gowns and make notes about the styles and designers you like best.

  • Ann

    ave a price range in mind before you head out to the bridal shops. This will give you a better idea of what type of dress you should look for and help to narrow down your search.

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