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Lucy Diamond Is Getting Married

By admin on March 14th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

lucydiamond.jpgThe third monthly column from author Lucy Diamond, who is marrying her partner of ten years this August…

“So, how are the wedding plans going?” people keep asking.

Well… Slowly, is the answer. After a flurry of list-making last month, not a lot else has happened on the wedding front.

We’ve got plenty of time, I keep telling myself. Months! It’s only a big party when all’s said and done, isn’t it? What’s the urgency anyway? I want our wedding to be laidback and enjoyable, not a series of stressful shopping missions and planning conferences.

“Don’t worry about it,” a friend said on the phone the other week. “My sister’s getting married the month after you and she hasn’t done much either, other than sort out her theme.”

“Her theme?” I repeated, puzzled. “What do you mean, her theme?”

“You know – the theme of the wedding. She’s doing it all ‘rustic chic’ – Cath Kidston, flowers, gingham, that kind of thing.”

I felt alarmed. People have themes for their weddings? This was news to me. I didn’t have a theme. Should I have a theme?

I went out and bought a bride magazine and almost strained my back trying to lug the thing home, stuffed full as it was with tree-loads of wedding stationery catalogues, brochures about cakes, honeymoon pull-outs and the like.

As I flicked through the pages, my panic deepened. I read about people taking dance lessons and choreographing routines for their First Dance. My eyes boggled at the sheer range of different invitations you could buy. My eyes glazed over as I stared at wedding dress after wedding dress, suit after suit, until I could barely see straight. As for the themes…don’t even get me started on them. Victorian, medieval, tropical, English country garden…it seemed like everyone had a theme. Except us.

And then my heart really sank when I reached the Wedding Timeline section – especially as it started with a list of things to do twelve months before the Big Day. Twelve months!

We were clearly doing it all wrong, with our home-made invitations and relaxed attitude. We needed spreadsheets, investigative research, a dedicated wedding planner on call twenty-four hours a day…

“We’ve got to get on with the wedding plans,” I wailed to my husband-to-be that evening. “Other people have themes, you know!”

He looked bewildered. “What are you talking about?” he said. “Themes? It’s only a big party, and it’s ages away yet. What’s the urgency anyway?”

I was about to shove the magazine under his nose when something stopped me. I shoved it in the recycling instead. “You’re right,” I said. And do you know what? I’ve just decided on the theme of our wedding. It’s this: Relaxed Bride and Groom.

Here’s hoping…

Lucy Diamond blogs at

Her first novel, Any Way You Want Me, is published by Pan and her second, Over You, is out in August.

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