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Top male flirting techniques are turning women off, says survey

By admin on March 6th, 2008 1 comment

bridalwave.JPGOh dear, men just aren’t getting flirting right, in fact men make themselves unattractive to women they fancy by using their eyes in ill-judged flirting techniques, new research released by The College of Optometrists revealed today.

The survey found that over half of men (55%) admit to actively using their eyes to flirt with someone they find attractive, with top male flirting tricks including ‘making eye contact for longer than normal’ (75%), ‘winking’ (20%), ‘looking at an area of the body they find attractive other than the face’ (20%), and ‘glancing away repeatedly’ (30%).

However, the research indicates that many women fail to appreciate these flirting tactics, two out of five women say that they find someone who ‘looks at an area of their body for too long’ unattractive, 14% claim that ‘winking’ is a turn-off, while more than one in ten say that ‘making eye contact for too long’ is unappealing. ‘Shifty’ eye movements will turn off nearly half of women (45%).

But the thing to remember is you may get it wrong, but you won’t know until you try so get flirting! Top tips, anyone?

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  • Orla

    I’m extremely shocked that only 14% of women found winking a turn off… it’s loathsome!

    My tip? Conversation!

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