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Midweek weddings reap benefits for couples and guests

By admin on April 7th, 2008 1 comment

JaneRoss.JPGWeekend weddings are hugely popular but both you and your guests are almost certainly paying a premium. So, it’s hardly surprising that more couples are turning to week day weddings in a bid to both cut costs and secure services. Jane Ross, Events Manager for Glen Tanar Ballroom, has given us her top tips for why you should consider a midweek wedding:

Availability and flexibility
Every bride dreams of her ideal wedding where every element of the day is planned to perfection. As tradition would have it, Saturdays are still the most popular choice for weddings and for this reason, couples planning weekend nuptials will often run into difficulties when arranging the various aspects of their happy day. For example the most coveted venues are often booked up years in advance and popular wedding bands are less likely to be available. Choosing a weekday wedding as an alternative reaps advantages when it comes to availability. From the location to the caterer, couples will often find that a far greater range of choices are made available midweek.

Double booked guests
Last year saw a major “WAG” wedding clash when famous footballers such as Steven Gerrard and John Terry choose to marry on the same day. The glittering list of celebrity guests had to select which wedding day to attend – although many had the luxury of jet set travel options which allowed them to be present at more than one! Particularly during popular wedding seasons such as summertime, choosing a weekday wedding can help to avoid the unfortunate scenario of guests being double booked.

Cost effective suppliers
When it comes to cost effective options, saying “I do” during the week can prove a sensible choice. In choosing what is considered to be a less peak time, you are more likely to secure better deals for the services you require. From caterers and car hire to florists and photographers, suppliers are more liable to have availability and therefore be willing to offer a reduced cost.

Turning your wedding day into an extended break is becoming increasingly common. With the nature of modern day society meaning that friends and relatives are often located in far flung destinations – it has become extremely popular to lengthen the duration of your wedding to accommodate visiting guests. Choosing a weekday wedding is beneficial when booking accommodation in these circumstances. Availability with your chosen accommodation supplier is likely to be more flexible, and it is probable that the room rates will be more generous.

Travelling costs
Bringing together friends and family from across the globe to enjoy your nuptials has implications when it comes to travel costs. It is possible for this reason that your loved ones will thank you for planning a midweek wedding. Choosing to hold your big day on a weekday means that your guests are more likely to be able to travel at off peak times, bringing down their expenses.

Which day are you marrying on and will you now be considering a midweek wedding?

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  • emmao414

    I’m getting married on a Friday, 28th august. and I’ve already been told off by those in offices who have their ‘end of month’ routine to do! In fact, some are going to work before the ceremony!

    I didn’t fancy a Saturday wedding, so Friday was my compromise, as I feel guests don’t like to be expected to take many days off, out of their holidays allowance. Wednesday wedding means Thursday hangover so most could really do with taking both days off if you want to enjoy it.

    Also, alot of our guests do only work a half day on a Friday, so having a 2pm wedding isnt asking unreasonable things, they are free to go to work first, maybe getting out an hour or two early if they want!

    Yes, cheaper options are always inviting, but I wouldnt want guests to miss out because they cant get the day off work for whatever reason.

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