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New trend: Creating the perfect marriage proposal

By admin on April 30th, 2008 1 comment

Alex ring.JPGApparently some men are paying up to $10,000 to create the ultimate marriage proposal for their lucky ladies says a recent New York Times report. Six trends have been identified including destination proposals with elaborately planned weekends away and ‘capturing the moment’ with a photographer nearby to capture the proposal on film. I’ve put the list over the cut but I’m more interested to learn if your beau went to great lengths to get you to say yes?

Destination Proposals. Romantic, destination-based proposals with elaborately planned weekends filled with exciting activities to celebrate the occasion are gaining popularity.

A Family Affair. More men are surprising the bride-to-be by secretly organizing family and friends to be present at the time of the proposal.

Capturing the Moment. Men are increasingly requesting the services of professional photographers to photograph their marriage proposals for posterity.

Customize, Customize, Customize. More and more men are requesting custom engagement rings designed around their girlfriends’ taste and lifestyle. In keeping with this theme men are asking for assistance in customizing their proposal to ensure the ring and engagement are one of a kind.

Tradition is Still In. Intimate, private and personal proposals in settings such as: a romantic dinner served on the beach, a luxury suite at a five-star hotel or a private room at a fine dining establishment never goes out of style

Source: American Express Platinum Card Concierge

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  • My man did a wonderful proposal and i had no idea it was coming…

    this is the story pasted in fom our website…

    “Leading up to Jane’s 40th Birthday, in the summer of 2006, Darren knew he wanted to get her something special. Something that would hold a special meaning between the two of them. Something she could keep forever.

    So another iPod was out of the question… it had to be jewellery of some kind. He spent weeks searching the internet for something suitable. Something interesting. Rings were looked at, as were earrings, necklaces and anything else he could think of.

    Eventually he came across a website where you could have silver bracelets made, and have a message stamped on the inside.

    The design was simple and contemporary… perfect.

    Then it was time to think of a message to have put inside. Something that would make Jane smile, giggle and possibly cry a little.A message that would mean something to her… but not necessarily anybody else. He spent a while thinking about this, when, for a reason he still can’t figure out …. it jumped into his head

    “Ooh! Ooh! What if I put THAT message inside!!!”

    That message being the question. The question most women have planned for since they were little girls. But not Jane… nor Darren for that matter. Both of them had always been of the opinion that getting married was an unnecessary formality. If you were happy together then why do you need anything else, they thought.

    Needless to say, Darren spent the next two weeks talking himself out of it. …….and then back into it. This went on for a while…

    Eventually he settled, this would be the best 40th Birthday present ever! He had the bracelet made up, and they planned their ‘Birthday Holiday’ together.

    Jane wanted their Birthday Holiday to be a week in each of her two favourite places in the UK.

    Up in Scotland, watching and photographing the dolphins at Chanonry Point and driving round the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands … and then a week down south in Weymouth and the surrounding Dorset countryside.

    This was a place that she had spent most of her childhood holidays and she wanted to prove she wasn’t old by building sandcastles in exactly the same spot on the same beach as she had as a child!.

    This was also a chance to take “Blob” the full length of the UK mainland, from Dunnet Head (the real most northerly point) to the Lizard (the most southerly).

    Jane’s birthday was in the first week and she had planned on spending the whole day on the beach watching for dolphins ignoring the fact that she had just turned 40….. Darren had other plans……

    The sky was all peachy and golden that morning, and there were dolphins in the water (the campsite is right up against the beach….. our view out of the tent each morning was a rising sunset over the water).

    And after being woken up to the strains of “Happy Birthday” Jane sat and watched this beautiful sunrise while Darren insisted that he went for his shower first so he could have a special birthday breakfast ready for her when she went for her shower

    It turned out to be a perfect morning for the Birthday present that would change everything……….

    On the morning of the proposal Darren filled the car with balloons (or at least tried to… when he blew them all up while Jane was in the shower, they turned out to be smaller than he thought… so he only managed to cover one seat!).

    They did the trick though, and he hid the small, nicely wrapped present underneath the balloons. Jane had to dig under them to get the box .

    Jane unwrapped her present, and could tell from the box that it was jewellery of some kind. She opened it up and saw the silver bracelet sitting there on the black velvet that darren had laid into the box. It was a nice present and she smiled… then she noticed that there was something on the inside. She held it up closer to her face so she could read what was on the inside………. and then, realising that Darren was now down on one knee…. she saw it.

    Her jaw hit the floor, she covered her mouth in shock and her eyes instantly filled up with tears……..

    “Jane, will you marry me…”

    She made what can only be described as a screaming noise….. and ran away. Luckily Darren knew it was the good kind of running away. She came back straight away, her face flooded with tears, and blurted out…. (just) …..

    “Yes! of course I will”

    Then she grabbed hold of Darren, and held him in the tightest hug for about ten full minutes. Sobbing the whole time. Eventually she lifted her head and said through the tears……

    “….. are you sure?”

    It’s fair to say that the present gave the ‘Birthday Holiday’ a whole different feeling. It felt loads more special, and we couldn’t stop smiling the whole time, constantly blurting out “Oh my god! We’re getting married!”.”

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