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Poll: How far would you go to look beautiful on the day?

By admin on April 9th, 2008 5 comments

Have you ever felt that the wedding beauty myth is not only a little insane but also driving you a touch mad too? You’re not alone, according to a Guardian article which explores how far women are going to look good on the day with botox, teeth straightening, tan ‘fittings’ and extreme dieting with a huge 91% hoping for some weight loss.

The article finds that ‘Competitive Wedding Syndrome’ is partially to blame whilst other women feel pressure from the ideal to look stunning on their wedding day without really knowing why.

What are you doing in preparation for the big day? If you don’t fancy leaving a comment, please spare a few seconds to do our multiple choice poll.

There’s another mini poll after the cut asking how the above makes you feel…

  • emmao414

    I chose tone up a bit, and ‘yes, but i want to look good’.

    To explain, I’m a 8-10, so I’m under no illusions that i’m overweight. Infact, my dress fits me perfectly, so I need to maintain this weight, in order to save on dress alterations!! I have chose a strapless dress for a summer wedding, and therefore I want to banish ANY signs of bingo wings. So I’ve started to wear my velcro wrist weights around the house, to tone my upper arms, but not look like Madonna.

    as for the makeup, well, I am fairly high maintence everyday, so the nails/hair/makeup thing will be not too much different from a normal day. In actual fact, I might have to tone down a bit hahaha! I am doing my bridals parties makeup (which I’m bound to regret!), getting gel overlays on my already long nails, and undecided about the hair as I’m quite good with it myself, and will be wearing a fascinator, so wont be having an up-do on my cropped hair. Bridesmaids and I all getting spray-tans, and bridesmaids will prob get up-dos, I’ve left them to decide what suits them best.

    So just a little bit of work to do before the day, but nothing so drastic as surgery!

  • Ally

    I’m having someone do my hair and makeup mostly because I want to look good in the photos. They last such a long time (hopefully) I want to look back and feel pleased with how I look.
    I wouldn’t do plastic surgery myself but I can understand why some women who are perhaps already thinking about it would do it in time for their wedding.

  • k_sra

    I mostly excerices to destress these days. Weight loss is not my goal, in fact, I’m eating “good fats” to save myself from the emaciated look. I’m working on upper arms as well, for that “toned look” but the rest of my body is absolutely fine with me.

    Mostly, I just don’t want all this stress to show on my face (dots, red bumps, dryness, sunken cheeks,etc) If I can look relaxed and happy on my wedding day, I know I’ll be beautiful. So, like Ally said, the photos will last forever… there’s a little pressure to that!

  • claire

    What have I been doing to look good…
    – regular hair trims – half up half down on the day
    – regular hair colour done
    – regular manicures – though typically my nails are splitting like terminal 5 are loosing luggage
    – regular facials – always part of my regime anyway so no drama there
    – regular gym work outs – again 5 days a week are regular

    additional have been purchase of teeth whitening strips from the US
    makeup done professionally on the day
    Hair done professionally on the day

    There is pressure I think from guests to look your best! You know everyone will have thier eyes on you
    Lets not forget the husbands to be too!
    Mine has hired a personal trainer, joined a gym and started getting his hair cut reguarly

    I want to look good mainly for myself but I know others expect it too

  • G

    Bloody hell. All the posts above are making me feel like I’m being a bit lax! I’m kinda following a low carb diet (but Maltesers are getting in the way), doing the same 3 x weekly gym routine as always, and nothing new with hair/nails/skin. I’ve not even thought about my dress yet for our year-end wedding.

    I guess I just want to be a relaxed bride; whether I’m still a 16 or down to a 12 doesn’t really bother me – I know I’ll be happy whatever happens, and I imagine that’ll show on my face.

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