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The First Date: Confidently casual at a gig from Urban Outfitters and Topshop

By admin on April 18th, 2008 4 comments

Gig outfit.jpg
For many of our readers the road to the wedding day is already paved and ready to skip down, but for the rest of us the fun has only just begun and that’s where first dates come in. Getting dressed up is half the fun of the occasion, provided you feel confident and cool.

When your first date is at a gig it’s often hard for most of us to know what on earth to wear… is it going to be band t-shirts wall to wall or should I get really dressed up like a night out? Well, I’ve always found the best plan is to be yourself. Not changing your wardrobe will make you more comfortable and give your date a real impression of yourself.

This outfit from Urban Outfitters and Topshop is a great casual gig ensemble – it’s stylish, a little bit fashionable and most of all it’s relaxed. Flat shoes are a must too, you don’t want your face to look pained all night, do you?

Product Details:
Free People Blouson Top, £30
Free People Crop Tailor Jacket, £49.99
Martha Straight Leg jeans, £35
Valerie print floral shoes, £20

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  • flo

    er… What has this got to do with weddings? Come on Bridalwave: if you are contemplating what to wear on your first date how likely are you to be looking at a wedding blog for advice? If you are stuck for ideas here’s a few: readers weddings, honeymoon ideas, hen do ideas.

    First date fashion is not why I tune in each time my boss leaves the room! I think most of your readers are a bit past the “will he text?” stage, more like “will he be bald in ten years”…

  • Hi Flo,
    We at Bridalwave are aware that many of our readers browse the site despite the fact that they are not getting married or preparing for a wedding in any capacity… after all, plenty of young ladies just can’t resist poring over beautiful wedding dresses!

    While the large percentage of the readership are looking for wedding advice and ideas, and are therefore obviously long past their first date, the majority of the site caters for this. One post per week for the non-engaged shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience or swerve off topic.

    We aren’t changing our remit, just catering to everyone.


  • flo

    Dear Orla,

    Thanks for that. I do however still think that the article was a bit out of place, especially since your have another blog, Catwalk Queen, which is the place I would go to for this kind of advice. Indeed I expect a small percentage of the people who look at Catwalk Queen site are getting married but I would not expect to see wedding dresses or wedding shoes on there. I like the fact that your organisation has more than one type of blog, each with a separate focus, they complement each other. The narrow remit is actually one of the things I like most about Shiny blogs as they each have a different flavour, and they allow me to make the best use of my time on the internet.

    I really appreciate that you have responded to my comment, and will continue to tune in!

  • cath

    Hi Orla, I stumbled upon this blog as I’m a bridesmaid, not a bride, and first dates are still a reality in my life, so thanks for the feature! Also let’s not forget that weddings are often fertile ground for single people and have led to many a first date I’m sure!

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