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How to deal with pushy sales people and The Apprentice wedding show

By admin on May 15th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

300apprentice.jpgKeris mentioned The Apprentice teams were due to take on The National Wedding Show in this week’s show. Did you watch it last night? The teams chose to try and sell high end wedding dresses (I spotted this Ian Stuart gown) and wedding cakes versus bridal/bridesmaid blingy tracksuits and the ilk. Both made around £5000 in sales (and not a single cake sold!)

One thing that really bothered me about the show was the absolute pushiness of the teams. One team member was on the verge of shouting at one woman because she wouldn’t commit to a sale. Another young man muttered how the women was a ‘dumb-dumb’ because she didn’t want the cakes he was trying to flog. She just didn’t want them, simple. The judges mentioned the feedback was that people felt ‘bludgeoned’. It was rude, desperate tactics. Yes, I realise it was their job to try and sell their wares but it was how they went about it that was quite appalling and that made me wonder how many of our readers have felt pressured into buying something for their wedding that they don’t really want?

So, here’s the thing. You are the customer, they are the provider who need your cash. This puts you in a position of power. They should court you, not bully you into a purchase. And you should never feel like you should have to part with your hard earned cash because the sales person is making you feel uncomfortable. Refuse bad service and only pay for the goods you want with the service that makes you feel good. Never feel like you can not walk away.

I’ve put together my top tips for dealing with wedding buying and I hope you’ll add your tips and experiences too.

The consumer bride
1. Spend time discovering what you want and the style. That way you won’t make an impulse purchase.
2. Make your budget. Stick to it.
3. If you’re suitably wowed by something else, go away and think about it. Don’t buy it there and then especially if the salesperson insists it will be gone by the time you return. It probably won’t be and even if it is, you can get something similar elsewhere.
4. Ask for brochures, literature, samples. If there aren’t any, ask yourself why. Do they just want to make a quick buck?
5. If the salesperson makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away. Don’t be bullied into anything, Most people hate lieing but if you need to, fake a phone call, a sudden urge to get your boyfriend ‘to approve it’, a meeting, anything. Walk away.

1. You sell, they buy, it’s a happy relationship if you get it right. Make an effort to get to know your customer, what do they want?
2. Don’t do the hard sell. It puts people off and makes the customers upset.
3. Don’t belittle your customers. Their taste may not be to your taste and you may be tired and having a bad day, but they know what they want and you should endeavour to fulfill that.
4. Don’t alienate your potential customer. They’ll tell everyone else and word of mouth spreads very quickly.
5. Be honest. Don’t just go in for a quick sale. Proffer your opinion but do it kindly. If the dress doesn’t suit then say so, but do it because you want to help not because you want to foist an over budget gown on her instead.

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