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Aldo Terlato’s ‘Sex and the City’ wedding gown

By admin on June 2nd, 2008 3 comments


I’m guessing you’ve noticed that the Sex and the City movie is finally on release; it’s been EVERYWHERE. Now Australian bridal gown designer Aldo Terlato has created a Sex and the City-inspired wedding gown.

Hand-sewn from 50m of pure Italian silk in shades of ivory and pale gold, the gown costs – more than Aus$10,000. It doesn’t say Sex and the City to me, though. It looks more like it’s been knotted together from a bunch of other gowns.

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  • Hee hee, agree. I see where he was going, but it just doesn’t have the SATC sharpness.

  • yakkusa

    Frock horror !!!!!!

  • Kit

    It’s not even close to the one in the movie. I didn’t like the one from the movie when I saw pictures, but it was very nice in the film. This is just plain ugly! Definite frock horror! Anyone who’s seen the movie (or has any fashion sense) would never wear that dress. Hideous!

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