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One in four weddings ends in the ruin of a friendship

By admin on June 6th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

It’s hardly the most cheery of topics on what is supposed to be a very happy day, but apparently 25% of you might be losing a friendship due to behaviour on their part or yours. But what went wrong?

Unforgiveable faux pas include drunkenness, unfunny or inappropriate speeches, stealing a bride’s thunder or donning a bigger hat than her mum along with guests failing to turn up after sending RSVPs, arguments over arrangements, and bust-ups over stag and hen nights.

The study of 2500 married Brits commissioned by Debenhams Wedding Service included these bust-ups:

* A bride groom who was told by his best man the night before the ceremony that his bride-to-be had been bedding another fella for three months.

* A drunken guest who yelled out the name of a groom’s ex-girlfriend when the vicar asked if there were any reason why the couple should not be wed.

* A bride and her female colleague who ended the night in a fist fight after the workmate arrived in a stunning white dress.

* A father of the bride who left guests cringing by using his speech to take a swipe at his ex-wife who was sitting ten feet away.

* A godfather who gave a speech about the overweight bride which started with: ”As you can see, Angela is built for comfort, not for speed.”

* A drunken female guest who yanked the bride’s dress up exposing her knickers in front of 100 guests – during her first dance with the groom.

* A boozy male guest who approached the bride’s mum during dinner and blurted out: ”It’s a sad day for me – I never got to sleep with your daughter”.

They’ve provided us with a list of the worst things that guests can do at the wedding – make sure you follow this little etiquette guide or you could end up short of a friend or two!

Top 10 worst things to do at a wedding

1. Having a fight or argument

2. Getting too drunk

3. Turning up late to the church

4. Letting your mobile phone go off during the ceremony

5. Bringing children when you were asked not to

6. Wearing white, cream or ivory

7. Kissing someone you shouldn’t

8. Heckling during speeches

9. Stepping on the bride’s dress

10. Out doing the outfit of the mother of the bride or groom

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