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Review: Pretty Polly Love Legs beauty range

By admin on June 26th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

pretty polly.jpgWhen I read the words ‘Leg Cosmetics’, I must admit that I was rather dubious. While I love my make-up and am a firm believer in the usefulness of a whole lot of lotions and potions, this sounded like one of those things we’re supposed to think we need, but are a bit on the useless side. Thankfully, I was to be surprised.

To be honest, my legs have always been something of a… well… hairy issue, if you’ll excuse the pun. With sensitive skin that can be very dry, shaving has been a battle at times, and keeping my legs looking good enough to reveal is something of an uphill struggle. While many swear by fake tanning products to even the complexion, I’ve always been best suited to my natural porcelain tone, so how on earth to even out my skin otherwise?

Having tried out Pretty Polly’s Love Legs, I think I may be a convert to this leg maintenance lark. Trying out the Nourishing Leg Shaving Butter, the Rich Leg Mask and the Lock In Moisturising Leg Oil, I can honestly say I was very surprised.

The idea of taking a razor to my legs with the Shaving Butter did worry me slightly. While I’m used to nicks and snags, the Butter was amazingly easy to use without water or the need to rinse, and left my legs feeling moisturised, cut free and more importantly hairless. The result, I can honestly say, was one of the best shaving products I’ve ever used.

The Leg Mask left my skin feeling smooth and pampered, as did the Leg Oil, though the results weren’t as miraculous as the Butter. The subtle perfumed scent, lack of irritation on my usually sensitive skin, and very reasonable prices, however, run throughout the whole range. Each of the three products I tried out cost £9 each, which may seem a fair amount, but the tubs are rather sizeable giving good value.

Altogether, the range exceeded expectations to give pretty, pampered legs with glowing skin and not a spot of fake tanner. If you’re baring your legs this wedding season I’d thoroughly recommend you give Pretty Polly Love Legs a try. You might just be surprised.

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