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Will your groom be having a Man Registry?

By admin on June 19th, 2008 1 comment

manregistry.JPGBridal showers aren’t really popular here and frankly I’m not sure of the point of them. If you’re already getting gifts from your wedding registry, why have more gifts in a shower? Someone enlighten me as to the popularity of this or whether guests just resent shelling out even more?

What about the men folk is the question brothers Jimmy and Bobby Horner who, along with their brother-in-law Chris Easter, have created The website touts itself as the first male orientated gift registry for men with items ranging from a George Foreman grill to iPods and XBoxes rather than more traditional gifts of kitchenware.

“It just wasn’t stuff that guys could really get into,” Easter told ABC News. “We figured there should be a registry for things we would buy our buddies when they get married, like electronics.”

Naturally the purposes of gift registries has changed from when the couple needed to start a home together hence the gifting of not just ‘feminine items’ but mutually useful items like bed linens and kitchenware. Now we have honeymoon registries, charitable gifts alongside traditional registries for the couple. But bridal showers and man registries? It all seems so unneccessary to me.

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  • Ariel

    American Bridal Showers: essentially the bachelorette party that grandma can come to. And the bows that the presents are wrapped in are fashioned into a bouquet for the bride to use as practice during the rehearsal. plenty of lame yet awesome games like, the toilet paper wedding dress challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like. Or the maid of honor might write down the brides exact words upon opening the gifts and later read them back as something the bride will say on the wedding night. “look at that!” “I’m not sure how this thing works…” etc.

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