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Would you write your own wedding song?

By admin on June 10th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

kirstyg.jpgEach week, we suggest songs you might like for your first dance, but what if you can’t find one that’s just right?

Kirsty Greenwood’s aunt was struggling to find the perfect song, but fortunately her niece (Kirsty!) is a songwriter. Kirsty explains…

Around eighteen months ago, my Auntie Lorraine was busy planning for her impending wedding to Dave. The flowers were sorted, the venue booked and the dress fitted like a dream. They were however, having real trouble picking a song for their first dance.

Everything they listened to just didn’t seem right. It was either too cheesy, clich├ęd, or totally irrelevant to the kind of relationship they shared. Because they didn’t fall in love at first sight, and still got on each other’s nerves sometimes, it was difficult to find something that didn’t, somehow feel a bit faked.

They knew about my experience as a songwriter, and asked me to write a one-off tailor made song for them.

The first part of the process was to come up with some lyrics that were unique to the nature of their relationship. Because I already knew them, this was quite simple, in that I was able to make reference to their experiences and how they felt about each other.

The next step was to contact a producer friend, who helped me to get the music together. I already had a melody in mind, so it was just a matter of using some romantic chord changes, and finding the right tempo for a slow dance.

We recorded it in a studio, and as a gift I agreed to perform it live on the night, using the instrumental of the CD as a backing track.

On the night the reaction was fantastic! Both the happy couple and the wedding guests loved the song, and it became a real talking point of the reception.

After the wedding, I printed the lyrics onto a scroll, which is now hung up in Lorraine and Dave’s house, as a memento.

First verse and chorus –

Our Time
Every now and then, I’ve looked upon the past,
And wondered bout the troubles and the tears.
And now I look at you, a smile, a kiss, a laugh,
Each day you’re here you take away my fears.

It wasn’t in a moment; it wasn’t in a day,
The best ones make a presence over time.

Didn’t want to wait a lifetime
To regain the trust I lost before
This is it it’s our time
And I want it more than anything I’ve ever wanted
I know now from the start
You’ll be gentle, you’ll be careful
With my heart.

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