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Don’t Tell The Bride returns for a new series

By admin on July 18th, 2008 34 comments

Donttell.JPGRemember the last series of Don’t Tell The Bride? The premise was would you let your husband-to-be and his mates plan your wedding? Six brave brides did just that in return for what they hoped to be a dream wedding. The grooms were given a budget and three weeks to plan everything from the guest list to the colour and theme, the bridesmaid dresses and even the bride’s own gown. As the couple are barred from seeing each other until the ceremony, did the grooms pull it off without a hitch?

If you want to see how one bride reacted to her groom’s choice of dress, click here.

The series will air soon on Thursdays, 9pm at BBC Three.

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  • todd hall

    please i would like to cme on the show i love my misses but im on income support please help me out 07983883642 dont tell the bride plz help me thnks

  • adam

    i would like to get marryed to my girlfriend but i dont have the money to do her dream wedding i wish i could plz help me

  • joanne evans

    i know my partner would hate me doing this but because hes the only one at work and we’ve got christmas coming up aswell i feel hes more under pressure than wot he should be , please help us

  • joanne

    hi am joanne keir from arbroath in scotland,am gtin married on the 12 feb 210,this wil be m 2nd wedin,am disabled n have no famil some gud m8s,i cnt wrk n all i have ever wnted woz a nice wedin,i had a bad childhood like alot of people have,i payed 4 my 1st wedin all by my slf,my ex hubbie dnt pay 4 any of it n took it out m had,there woz only 6 of us,he cheated on me after 6 mnths of bng married,but nw i have found the right man,it woznt all sailin with nigel my man nw that am with,i have 3 kids is well n my little girl had a had birth,plz hlp me,no1 else will.thnk u vry much n hope 2 hear 4m u joanne keir

  • kathryn

    hi im kathryn im 24 and iv been engaged to my partner mitchel for 4 years now we have got 2 beatulful children and got a morage so find it very hard to save for our wedding iv got a dream wedding but would love it for mitchel to do it for me to see if hes really got what it takes and to see if he takes any notice of what i say i watch ur show al the time and wish it was me hope you can help thanks hope to hear from you soon thanks kath

  • celia heatley

    well i love this show like any other viewer, me and my partner watch it all the time , he always says it will never happen “, he will be shocked that im even doing this , we have been 2gether 8 years and always wanted to get married i myself have a DREAM WEDDING , my two boys would love nothing more than for their mummy to be married to the man that took them both on has has brought them up ,we find very hard to save for our wedding , and with my dads recent diagnosis of a health problem i feel its now or never to get married as i want my dad to walk me down the aisle . i sit and think has my man got what it takes to give me my dream wedding , who knows , with the help of ‘ dont tell the bride ‘ who knows please help …..

  • chris

    Best one of the series- really enjoyed it!! excellent viewing.

  • benjamin williams

    my name is ben and my fiance is laura we have been together for 5years and we have a daughter who is turning 3 in january. we have been saving for as long as i can remember to get married as our one wish is to become a proper family we love each other dearly. we both work but are on low income and would love our dream wedding to become reality. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP US…..

  • Julie

    OMG! You lot are scroungers! It’s like a competition to see who can tell the saddest sob story…I’m on a low income…my partner doesn’t work…I had a bad childhood…blah, blah, blah. Anything to get a free wedding! Here’s a novel idea: get off the internet, go find a real job and then you can pay for your OWN weddings!! How does that grab you???
    I’d like to add that I DO love Don’t Tell the Bride myself…just not the parasitic plebs who are desperate to appear on it.

  • Hi me and my mrs have been together for 6years we have had 2 lovely son,we want to gey married so badly but i dont work and she doest she takes bad panic attacks,shes always incontrol of everything so it would be a big thing for me lol?

  • charlene

    hi my name is charlene, i would much appreciate it if you would kindly sort out a dream wedding for my auntie n uncle, they have been together for 17 years have 2 beautiful girls and have had a really tough year, they have lost 2 close and loved members of the family plus their dog which they had for 16 years. They have been saving for years but had to use the money for a bedroom extension. it would be a lovely surprise for both of them if they got their dream wedding plus if we keep waiting for the church on the moon which is the excuse they keep using they will never get wed, plus my mum and i would like to take part in being 1 of her bridesmaids.
    thank you very much in advance, hoping to hear from you soon.

  • kevin mcleod

    hi there my name is kevin mcleod i have found the women of my dreams i want to show the world my wedding to show how much i am in love with her she does not know i have done this so this would be a shock to her its been a hard couple of years for me i lost my mother and father one after the other so its hard i would love my mother to be here to see my wedding the only family i have left is my sister so if your show was to consider to host my wedding this would just make me and my wife to be so happy thank you for taking the time to read this your greatfully

  • dale harrison

    hi my name is dale me and my fiance have been engaged for 6months now and i would love nothing more than her to become my wife, as i have recently been made redundant and there is no jobs about i cant afford to make her the happiest woman alive. if there is a chance that you could help me id be very grateful.

  • dale harrison

    hi my name is dale me and my fiance have been engaged for 6 months now and i would love nothing more than to make her my wife, as i have been made redundant and there is no jobs out there i cant make her the happiest woman alive, we have a beautiful little boy and another on the way so if you could help me make our dream come true i would be very grateful if you could get in touch. thankyou dale

  • Dave and clare

    Hi, Look as the peron a few comments up said some people only want to appear on TV thats why they apply for this show. On the other Hand me and my partner have been engaged for about 6 years and because my fella is registered disabled as a result of his chronic asthma we cant afford to have the kind of wedding we both want. I do wish youcould help us but if u cant we will still enjoy very much watching the show. thanks for listening clare and dave Northern Ireland

  • faye and anthony

    hi im called faye im origionally from manchester but moved up 2 london in the first week i went up to southeast london i met my husband to be, we feel in love from day 1 of meetin hes my world we both feel the same about eachother we want to spand the rest of our lives together. we cant afford 2 have a wedding so we would really appreciate it if you would have us on ur show if so can u get intouch with us through the e-mail address ive left thanks Faye and Anthony

  • tasha and john

    hello im tasha im 25 years old john is 27! we have been together for 8 years but engaged for 4 years! we have 2 childeren boy hayden and girl lottie!

    we was planning to get married in 2010 but due to finances we are unble to do this, and i can not see us fullfilling our dream within the next few years without you!!

    john is a perfectionist and i know my dream wedding day he will get right!!
    please please help us!! thankyou x

  • lee morris

    hi me and my partner have been together for 4 years we have hade a lovely son of 1 we have been trying so hard 2 save for our wedding but we dont seem 2 be getting anywhere fast i would love it if u would be able to help us thank u lee

  • clare murray

    hi my name Paul and my partners name is Clare i would like you to consider us for the show we have been together for 6 years and engaged for 4 we have 3 young children and we have 3 failed attempts at getting married because of our financial situation we wold really love to get married and i now Clare would to get married while her dad is still about he has a long term illness and is not going to recover from it and the docs don’t now how long he has left and she wants him to give her away so please con you help us yours thankfully. Paul.

  • Mhairi

    My partner and I are not engaged, however we got together in 2007 and now have two little boys. Due to all our money being spent on the kids my partner keeps telling me he would love us to get married but we can’t afford it and don’t have the time (and have very different ideas about what we want anyway, he wants traditional wedding in university chapel and would loved to get married in climbing centre teehee). Anyway if I told him we were doing this…it would happen because what I say goes, so the not being engaged thing wouldn’t be an issue 🙂 (oh yes, I am fed up of the excuses).

  • hi my name is simon im 23 and have a beatiful girlfriend emma i would like to come on dont tell the bride as i lost my dad and sister in law both in june 2009 and i only have my mom left and would love to make her proud i have tryed to fund the money for our perfect wedding and as we only have one income its abit hard

  • dee

    me and my partner have been with each other 11 years and would love to get married we just cant afford it we would love to appear on dont tell the bride my girlfriend watches it every week ans says id never be able to do that id love to surprise her with a wedding and we can be a proper family with our three children

  • ashley murray

    my name is ashley murray i am 23 years old i have been with my partner scott(24) for 5 years we have two children ethan is 1 yr an tyler is 7yrs he is scott’s son from a past relationship but lives with us after his mum an scott’s partner at the time passed away. I love my partner with all my heart an soul an all thats left now to complete us is to be husband an wife. We had been saving for the wedding for 2 years but due to use moving home an ethan being born all the money had to be spent on other things so we are back to square 1 on the wedding front as many are. But i seriously thing we are a good couple for the show an love each other no end.. please consider us for your help ashley xx

  • Paul

    Great show! My partner for 12+yrs watches it with our daughter each week (as a hint I think!) It’s so interesting to see peoples ideas and opinions on weddings/mariage and has opened my mind from the weeks i’ve seen. It has even got me thinking about proposing marriage myself, now what a show that would be.

  • Paul

    Great show! My partner for 12+yrs watches it with our daughter each week (as a hint I think!) It’s so interesting to see peoples ideas and opinions on weddings/mariage and has opened my mind from the weeks i’ve seen. It has even got me thinking about proposing marriage myself, now what a show that would be.

  • jodi bending

    im doing this for my son and his other half .they havent had a good start .they have 2 daughters one has problems with her bowls and is under great ormandand son other half has had a strock at 28 and they have a 2 year old .they are saving 2 get a morgage but she lives with her mum and he lives with me it would be my wish for them to have a great day as they deserver it more than anyone i no .i am disabled and we are not well off please help them they deserve they it so much please keep them in mind they are so in love and i dont think they can live there life seperate for much longer .i want them to live ther life i no they will live happy ever after

  • angela roberts

    hi my name is angela.been wiv boyfriend 2 years.want a fairy tale wedding and think hed be really good at the series every would be greta fun,

  • scott

    me and my girlfriend got engaged last year, she even paid for half her engagment ring. we live in orkney and want to get married in manchester but have no possible way of affording it. would love to be on the show, she will be a bit overwhelmed but i know i could do a good job. please get back to me.

  • Mo Hussein

    Me and my girlfriend have been together for five years.I would like to drop the question but I got recently redundant which made it hard for me to ask her the big question. I bought a ring but still didnt give to her as their is a limit time for engagement in my culture. I would love to surprise her if i get this opportunity to make our dreams come true.. please get in touch with me.. thanks alot

  • Matt Linwood

    I would like to appear on the show as i am desperate to marry my better half but simply cannot afford it as my fiance is due to give birth to our 2nd child in june 2010 and i am on benefits after being laid off last year. Please dont tell the bride, can you help me??

  • soloman gordon

    hi me and my partner have been together for 3 years and have a beautiful daughter of 2. we are so happy together and really want to get married. we are in a few grand debt and dont have enough for the wedding. we would love your help. please get in contact. thank you

  • kelly beckett

    hiya my partner and i have been together 6 and half years and engaged for 5yrs, we got 2 little boys together and now we want to get married but havnt got the money. we are really very much in love and would really aaprieciate your help to make my dream come true and walk down the aisle. please could you make this happen. thank you x x x

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  • Bandit1131

    i am in love with my partner that i really want us to get married but finding it hard to meet all the exspenses and cost of wedding would be so grateful to do dont tell the bride thank u

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