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Frock Horror #126: pink froth

By admin on August 1st, 2008 1 comment

We’ve got a real live bride here! Sound the fashion alarm! It’s a shocker of an outfit with all that pink fluffy, frilly froth that is somewhere between Gone With The Wind (in a hurricane) and Hello Kitty. Paired with those long white lace gloves and the pink hat, it’s a rare and very unlikely to be repeated style. Phew!

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  • DeborahG

    Are you crazy?  For once a girl actually dares to be feminine, instead of wearing the usual plain bodice and plain straight, long and very mildly A-line skirt combination that most girls today call a wedding dress (that looks more like an elaborate “sack”).  Why is it so wrong for a woman to dress in a such a feminine way for just one day in her life.  Women are encouraged to be more and more “equal” to men, and while that is ok for their right to equal rights, they shouldn’t be subject to criticism when they dress this way. 

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