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Know How: How to pose for your wedding photographer

By admin on August 21st, 2008 1 comment

Expert wedding photographer Emma Cake of Big Bouquet has already shared with us her insider knowledge of how to pick a wedding photographer but how do you make sure you are giving the best poses for the best shots? Emma tells us how to achieve perfect wedding photography with a few simple steps…

Your wedding day is your chance to be treated like a star, so it goes without saying that the wedding shoot is an important part of the day.

Stunning images always come from having fun and not taking the shoot too seriously. If you’re keen to have a proper couple shoot on the day, here are a few tips that can help you to achieve glamorous, fuss-free shots:

1.Don’t look into the lens unless your photographer asks you to.
Nothing will make you look more awkward than constantly forcing a nervous smile to the camera. Try and forget the camera is even there. Listen to directions carefully and if you’re unsure what position to put yourself in just ask your photographer – “Can you come and show me how you want me to be?”


2.The one you love
You’ve just got married to the one you love! They will be the person that puts you best at ease and it always shows. If you’re feeling a little under pressure take some time out to have a bit of a chat and a catch up, you probably wouldn’t have had much time to talk about your day yet – the natural smiles will come in abundance.

3.Take your time
If you’ve been directed to look into the distance or place your arms and head in a particular way, do this and then hold the pose until you are given the ‘OK’. Don’t worry if you’re feel like you’re playing ‘musical statues’ – the photos won’t give this impression at all.

4.Go Vogue!
What the hell! You’re never going to get a chance to do this shoot again. If you’re a confident pair and you’ve always dreamed of being a star don’t be afraid to go over the top and act a little dramatic. Whether you want to go for a Wuthering Heights look or something a bit more catalogue-like your album will be filled with images that are far more romantic and emotional.

5.Don’t be afraid to make suggestions
You won’t be offending your photographer – they’ll love your for it! It’s much more pleasing to photograph a couple who are obviously enjoying the shoot and want to put their own spin on things. If you have something in mind you want to try out don’t be afraid to say ‘How about we do this?”

6.Get rid of an audience
Believe it or not, it can be a real mission ditching the family – Uncles seem to be the worse! If you have an audience following you it’s inevitable you will feel more self-conscious. Politely ask any aspiring Paparazzi family members to leave you to have your time with your official photographer alone. A promise of a little session when you get back always softens the blow!

All photographs courtesy of Big Bouquet.

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