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Lucy Diamond Is Getting Married… this month!

By admin on August 11th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

lucydiamond.jpgThe second monthly column from author Lucy Diamond, who is marrying her long-term partner this month…

I’m getting married this month! I am really excited about it. The date has been in the diary for so long, I can hardly believe that it’s actually going to happen, now. And soon!

It feels like everything is very hectic, all of a sudden. Not just because of the wedding. The school holidays have arrived which means all three children are at home demanding entertainment; my new novel Over You has just been published which has meant arranging a book signing and other attempts to drum up publicity; and I’ve had deadlines galore on the writing front, too. But still… we were organised and on-track for the Big Day. Weren’t we?

We went through the Wedding Checklist at the start of the month. Hmmm, actually, there were the flowers still to decide on… the cake to order… and… Oh yes. We hadn’t looked at any wedding rings yet…

“Isn’t that, like, ridiculously laid-back, not actually having your wedding rings yet?” a friend asked, when I mentioned this.

I waved a hand airily. “Oh, how long does it take to buy a ring?” I replied. “The wedding’s not for another three weeks, it’ll be fine…”

The words came back to haunt me on Saturday. “It’ll take 22 days to have this ring re-sized for you,” the shop assistant said cheerily. “When’s the wedding?”

“Um… in three weeks,” I mumbled. That will teach me.

Still, we’ve ordered the cake, anyway. My best tip on the cake would be not to actually specify it’s for a wedding when you order it. “For a big party,” we said in the shop, which is kind of true. Funnily enough, that meant about £200 off the price. I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat a thing on the day, but if anything can tempt me, it’ll be that yummy-looking cake.

I’ve even managed to battle through the decision on the flowers. For a while, we thought about buying a load of cheap vases from IKEA, and a box of white roses from a wholesaler and doing the whole thing ourselves but then I started thinking, did I really want to be driving vases and roses around on the morning of the wedding? Nah… I have found a friendly florist instead who is helping out.

So I think we’re almost there now. I just needed to practise walking in my wedding shoes (heels! I am rubbish in heels and fully expecting to fall over on my way to making the vows) and write my speech (I can’t sit there in silence being a demure wifey while the blokes do all the talking) and we’ll be all set. Wish me luck!

Lucy Diamond’s new novel Over You is available in all good bookshops now. Read the review on our sister site, Trashionista.

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