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Ask Bridalwave: where can I get the Oli vintage style dress?

By admin on December 15th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

Ask Oli dress.jpgSara asks… “I have come across an article on Bridalwave that featured a dress titled “Oli Vintage Style Wedding Dress” dated back July 2007. There is a link to but the dress is no longer available on that site. I’m getting married in a little over a year and have been searching everywhere for that “perfect” dress. This is that dress! It’s simple but so lovely and would be perfect for my wedding. I was hoping that you could help me with who designed the dress or where on earth I can find it. I’ve searched the internet and have come up empty handed. Please help me if you can.”

Guys, I know alot about wedding dresses buut I am not a walking encyclopedia about manufacturers and stockists and so on (sorry!). All the information I know is given in the post with a link to the stockist. Take the Oli vintage dress, I wrote about it seventeen months ago so I’ve just had to search this site for it, and I agree, it is gorgeous. Am I the right person to ask about it though? No. Oli was the stockist and they will have far better idea than I about whether they’ve got a dress lurking in their warehouse or where they send their leftover stock to. You can contact them via the email form on this page or by telephone 0844 55 65 654. I would suggest including as much detail as possible such as the size you need and a heartfelt plea with a good helping of politeness never goes amiss.

However, here are some more tips for anyone seeking dresses that they’ve spotted on this site or anywhere else…

Check eBay – it might just be listed. If it isn’t listed put up a ‘Wanted’ post – you never know, someone might be thinking about selling theirs and might get in touch.
Use Gumtree, Freecycle and other listings sites – put up a ‘Wanted’ ad here too.
TKMaxx – They take overstock from lots of different companies, trawl through the store and you might find a hidden gem.
Get a seamstress – Take a picture to a local seamstress and ask if they can make up the same dress. On this occasion, I think this route might work best as you’ll be assured a good fit and can make any little tweaks you like.

I hope one of these tips will work for you and whoever else might be searching for a dress. Good luck!

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