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75% of brides will cut their wedding budgets in 2009

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on January 20th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

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Are you one of the 25% of brides that became engaged between Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November for your Brits) and New Year? If so, statistics say that your wedding budget is probably less than that of the brides that have recently come before you. In fact, according to one survey, 75% of all brides will cut their wedding budgets during 2009. Not an exciting prospect.

Of those surveyed, 53% do not plan to spend more than $25,000, and 34% do not plan to spend more than $10,000. So what’s a bride to do? Here’s some tips.

Prioritize your spending

45% of brides were willing to sacrifice on the number of guests, 45% on food. The dress (37%) and wedding bands (45%) were the areas brides were least willing to scrimp on. Apparently when you’re told “this is your day” enough, the selfish impulses take hold.

So what would you sacrafice on? Not that into music? Us the church’s organist and a D.J. instead of a band for the reception. All about the candids? Give the wedding photographer the last few hours off and place those disposable cameras on guest’s tables. You get the idea.

Look for eco-friendly alternatives that are also wallet-friendly

It’s kind of like how conserving energy also makes your electric bill cheaper. Consider a green wedding and you – and your attendants – can see savings. Re-use, a cornerstone of the environmentally friendly practices, can be applied to bridesmaid dresses. Allow your girls to select a dress of their choice in a wedding color to ensure that they’ll really get to wear the dress again. Another big saver would be sending e-cards instead of paper cards through traditional mail. If you can’t sacrifice your gilt-edged card stock, think about at least skipping the snail mail save-the-date cards. But if you don’t scrimp on invites, don’t scrimp on thank-you’s either. That’s just rude.

Use the internet

Clearly if you’re reading this fine blog you are a modern, computer-savvy girl. Use that to your advantage by searching auction sites like Ebay for accessories and favors, find unique and inexpensive ways to make your day memorable by reading other brides’ wedding stories and check out every wedding magazine on earth for free by consulting their Web site instead of dropping $20 at the grocery store each week.

[Survey conducted by Infosurv, Inc. for David’s Bridal]

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