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Ebay pick of the week: Princess Margaret style dress

By AbiSilvester on January 16th, 2009 3 comments

princess-margaret-dress.jpgPrincess Margaret was a huge style icon for brides at the time of her wedding to Anthony Armstrong Jones in 1960, and if you look hard enough, you can still find dresses from the period made to resemble the Princess’s stiff brocade gown. It’s a look that’s definitely coming back in style, and if you can bag an original, the quality of the fabric and dressmaking will really enhance your overall look.

This auction, which currently stands at £12.50 is for a genuine vintage, hand-sewn dress that’s got the style spot on. And the seller is giving all proceeds from the sale to charity, too.

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  • Alice

    I read that Pricess Margarets wedding dress was silk organza not brocade.

  • Alice is correct. Princess Margaret’s gown was silk organza. Her hair was short but a chignon hairpiece was added to give her height, since the princess was approximately five-feet tall. If you look at the photos, you may notice the gown was not stiff at all but flowed behind the princess as she walked. I was a little girl as I watched her wedding.

  • viola

    When I saw Kate’s dress, I thought where have I seen it before. The top is very similar to Margaret’s.

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