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Amazing contemporary wedding dresses by Wai-Ching

By AbiSilvester on February 4th, 2009 1 comment

wai-ching.jpgChrissy Wai-Ching makes some of the most breathtaking, alternative-style wedding dresses I’ve ever seen, and this one has got to be her best yet. Relatively conservative and simple when seen from the front, the pleated silk bodice gives way to a riot of colour and chiffon at the back. It really challenges the idea that appropriate wedding attire has to be monochrome and formal.

See it in action at a truly beautiful ceremony here!

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  • ShesAFlakyDressmaker

    Beautiful as they are, I have to say to say it’s almost not a worthful risk to take to work with this dressmaker.

    One of my very best friends flew from Michigan to Washington to have her dream custom wedding dress made.

    Not only was the dress delivered more than 1 month late (and within 1 month of her wedding) but it was wrong. WAY wrong. So wrong that she couldn’t even get it on without tearing out the straps.

    Obviously- with less than one month to go before her wedding, she can’t reasonably send her ‘dream dress’ back to the flaky dressmaker to have it fixed. At this rate- she’d get it back 3 weeks after the wedding.

    Yes, the dress would be georgous- were it what she had ordered.

    You might thing that the dressmaker felt so bad about 1. being increadibly late or 2. shitty quality control and sending a dress that couldnt have been worn by anyone over 3 ft. tall- but she didn’t offer to refund any of the expense of the dress- and hardly offered an apology.

    Amazing to look at? Sure- worth hysterics inside 1 month of your wedding? Not in the least.

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