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Make it a party for the kids without punishing the adults

By Andrea Thatcher on February 25th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

kids wedding activity pack.jpg

I’m not here to judge. I didn’t have kids at my wedding, but there weren’t many kids around at the time. If you, or your parents, or the kids’ parents or your Aunt Matilda have decided that sweet little Susie and ickle Ike simply must be at your wedding, don’t fight it.

Les Enfants has created a wedding activity box that has a wedding activity book, stickers, colored pencils, a card game, a board game with spinner and counters, and a keepsake box for 18 British Pounds.

“Children at a wedding can be lovely, but long speeches and having to sit still can test the patience of even the most angelic child. Normally parents have to pack a few toys or crayons in their bag when going to a wedding with their children. Our packs take that hassle away as they’ll keep kids occupied for hours, letting their parents relax and enjoy themselves,” explains Katie Burnett, founder of Les Enfants.

If you’ve got a bit more to spend (and you’re in the UK) Les Enfants offers Le Kids Club, a childcare service to look after younger guests, which works to Ofsted guidelines.

If you’re having kids at the wedding, and you’re even a little worried about it, you should definitely put someone in charge or enlist a product or service like these.

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