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Credit crunch wedding cake from Mr Kipling! Would you?

By AbiSilvester on February 16th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

Big-French-Fancy-Yellow.jpgWhile I’d generally consider myself a foodie and even something of a gourmet with a taste for the finer things in life, I have to admit to having a soft spot for Mr Kipling. Perhaps it’s the memories of after school trips to the newsagents — coming home laden with jam tarts, apple pies and cherry bakewells. I really don’t know, but one of my biggest guilty pleasures has got to be a French Fancy (or three) when I get to that low period in the middle of the afternoon.

But would you allow one of the garish, fondant treats on to your wedding breakfast table – and a giant one at that?

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I noticed today that the seemingly monstrous idea has indeed been mooted on a well-known bridal forum, where one member flagged up the existence of the Giant French Fancy. This, she claimed, could form the basis for a great credit crunch wedding cake…

After my initial horror had worn off, this idea really put my imagination into overdrive. Supposing you got three of the cakes (one in each colour: the blancmange pink, baby-chick yellow and chocolate brown), piled them on top of each other using inexpensive cake pillars and put them on a suitable plate? Instant cheap and knowingly kitsch wedding cake.

Or how about using hundreds of the standard-sized French Fancies to form one large ‘cake’ out of smaller ones? We’ve seen it done with cupcakes, but when times are hard, it’s these whacky little ideas that save big money.

Please email me if you or a friend have done anything similar – we’d love to see the results!

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