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Geek chic Legend of Zelda wedding cake topper

By AbiSilvester on March 2nd, 2009 2 comments

zelda-cake-topper.jpgApparently, geeks are getting married these days! And they’re doing it in the only way they know how, with meticulously crafted references to their favourite computer games heroes and heroines.

One of the more tasteful tributes to a couples shared pixel love comes in the form of these two dinky Zelda characters, Zelda and her true love, Link. I’ve not yet seen a photo of the topper taking pride of place on a cake, but it was made by a Flickr member going by the name of Side_Show who also seems to enjoy making aprons out of tissue paper. If this ornament featured at your wedding, please do get in touch — I’d love to know how it went down! [Via Crafty Crafty]

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  • Zeldambah

    I want to put this on my wedding cake! where can I get it?

  • Iza M. Figueroa-Santiago

    did you ever get a response? I want it too 🙁

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