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Knock him out with your best bridal bod

By Andrea Thatcher on March 12th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

wedding fitness.jpg

A looming wedding is enough to get even the most lathargic, couch-potato bride (me) off her butt and into the gym a few times a week. Here’s some tips from the experts at Harper’s Fitness Gym.

  • Don’t starve yourself! Focus on eating healthier foods rather than cutting back altogther. Try keeping a food diary if you’re in the mood to learn you eat more chocolate than broccoli the hard way.
  • Instead of your typical crunches, go for a “pelvic tilt.” (I know, it sounds like something that would happen on the wedding night.) Lie on your back with your knees bent and spine neutral. Breathe normally and slowly pull your back flat. Hold for five seconds, and repeat 15 times. Attending pilates classes will also work wonders for your posture as well as your figure – perfect for that graceful sweep down the aisle.
  • Strong, lean arms and shoulders can transform your body shape and unless your wedding dress has sleeves, your arms will be a key feature on the big day. Just five minutes of box press-ups (with your knees rather than toes on the floor) every day will tone your arms as well as your back and core muscles. Aim for two sets of 15 with your hands wide apart, then try another two sets with hands just less than shoulder-width apart to work your triceps and get rid of those bingo wings.

If you want to get your guy in on the action or just make it more fun, and more time spent together (because you’re all in love and stuff) you can embark on his and hers wedding fitness at Harper’s Fitness Gym. Brides and grooms get a free personal training session when they sign up.

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