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Would you put ‘conversation cards’ on your table?

By AbiSilvester on March 19th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

fink-wedding.jpgFink! cards are one of a new generation of ‘conversation cards’ pitching themselves as the ultimate tool in your arsenal of preventing that most dreaded menace of social gatherings: the Awkward Silence. The 22 cards in the new wedding edition are a slight variant on the original questions, featuring such gems as ‘if you weren’t here today, what would you be doing instead?’ and ‘What makes a successful marriage?’

I’m a little torn on this one…

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On the one hand, I like the idea of ‘living by randomness’, and the prospect of picking out cards at with questions that could lead almost anywhere is very appealing, especially when I’m among strangers who might be dull as dishwater – a danger at any wedding, no matter how much you enjoy the company of the bride and groom. But I can also see this backfiring horribly, as your friends and family conclude that you think them incapable of starting their own lively discussions. If you’d like to decide for yourself, why not try a sample pack of cards and try them out among friends? They’re £4.99 available here.

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