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Bridesmaids Gallery: teal, green and turquoise dresses (from £50 each)

By Gemma on April 3rd, 2009 23 comments

At the National Wedding Show earlier this year, I was surprised at just how many bridesmaids dresses on offer were teal or deep turquoise. It seems to be the colour du jour this year, not just at wedding shops but also on the high street. It’s a great suits-all shade, and is perfect for any season. Here are some of my favourite bridesmaids dresses for all budgets, from £50 up to almost £500!


  • Nikki

    this dress is exactly what i’m looking for!! Does it come in any other colour as my theme i want is ivory with black belt!

  • sophie

    i love this dress!!! how much is it and where is it from

  • dionne

    how much is this dress and where is it from,does it come in any colour and size

  • Susan

    This teal is the exact color I want and the style is beautiful. My question is how much is this dress in US dollars?

  • Bianca

    Fab dresses! Great colour! Where can i go to see it in person? And how much are they? Thanks x

  • Vicky

    This is a beautiful dress!! How much is it and where can I get it? Also can you get it in other colours


  • This dress is lovely and just what we are looking for. Can you let me know where this is from please.

    Thanks x

  • Donna

    Please can someone let me know how much and where from. love it.

  • Erin Olsen

    I was wondering what sizes this dress comes in and the cost + delivery

  • Hi,

    Could you pls tell me how much this dress is and how long it takes to be delivered. I need 3 size 8 and 1 size 10. wedding is on 20/03/10

  • hannah

    Heyy, i love this dress and i was looking for the colour everywhere, its the perfect length and i love the style. can u please e-mail and tell me a shop or website where i could find this dress! thanks!

  • Priscila

    The dress with the bow is the exact dress that i would love to have for my bridesmaids, color and everything. Please e-mail me back with price locations and numbers to where i could find that dress. Thank you so much.

  • L. Thiessen

    My daughter is very interested in this dress. Does it come in different colors, and how do I order it? How long does shipping take and cost?

  • where is this dress available? is it available in the uk??

  • tracey

    hey i was just wondering were i could buy this dress and how much they are and if it’s available in australia or maybe a website were i could purchase them thanks have been looking every were for dresses in this colour

  • Lia

    The color is great but how much is it in us currency and how do you go about purchasing it

  • L bailey

    Not sure why you haven’t detailed where the dresses are from and how much they cost?

  • Elisabeth Edvardsen

    Hi everyone, apologies that there aren’t any information on where the dresses are from and how much they cost above.

    We have just added a new green bridesmaids’ dresses gallery to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – complete with costs and where to get them. Please check it out


  • Jamile

    I would like to know how to order these dresses. I need to know how much they cost, what sizes they come in and how long it will take to ship. In addition your return policy. Thank you. Please email me. My wedding is Aug 16, 2013

  • lindsay

    where can i get these dresses

  • Kayodonn

    I love this dress on the right, does anyone where to get it from yet?

  • Kayodonn

    Ive found out the dresses above are by the designer romantica of devon if that helps anyone. They stock it in a shop in the west midlands called Tres Charmante which isin cradley heath

  • Kayodonn

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