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HOW TO find the best wedding dress for your body shape #1: Musts for brides with bigger busts

By AbiSilvester on April 6th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

bigger-bust-bridal.jpgWedding dress styles come and go, but unless you’re a complete fashion victim, your priority when picking a dress should be to make the most of your natural looks. This is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and may well be your most photographed moment, too, so it’s crucial you feel comfortable and attracticve. So, today I’m starting a regular feature on how to dress best for your shape starting with the best dress styles for brides who are blessed with a bigger bust.

Follow the jump for our advice on how to work with your curves, whether you want to flatter or enhance your ample bosom!

Flatter or flaunt?

If your boobs are on the larger side, my initial question would be do you want to enhance your assets or minimise them? There’s an assumption on many advice pages I’ve read that all busty brides will want to parade their ample assets with pride on their big day, but my experience of larger-breasted women is very much the opposite, so I’m including some tips here on how not to draw the eye cleavage-wards here too.

If you want to minimise, there are lots of ways you can use necklines to draw the eye away from your boobs:

• A bateau or boat-neck is a good option, as it lengthens the shoulder line, drawing the gaze upwards and outwards. There are some dresses out there with really pretty detailing on this style of neck, too.

• Sweetheart and scoop necklines are flattering to bigger busts if fitted properly, as they

A-Line dresses are a good option for busty brides as this style of dress skims curves rather than clinging to them, so is great if you want to avoid accentuating your bust.


halter-necks, which emphasise a top-heavy figure

high collars will also make you look bigger, as they create a relatively large, plain section of fabric meaning that the only source of ‘relief’ for the eye is…your boobs!

• Strapless dresses. If you’re very well endowed, you’re likely to feel uncomfortable going bra-less, unless your dress is particularly well engineered.

Skirting the issue

Another option for diverting attention from your top is to draw the gaze downwards, and certain skirt styles will make this happen naturally:

• A fishtail skirt is great for top-heavy figures as it balances out the curves you have on top by emphasizing your hips and bottom – in a very flattering way!

Full skirts or ballerina-style tulle skirting can work well to divert the gaze from anything that’s going on further up – this is where the ‘meringue’ look can really come into its own!


Empire line dresses
. It pains me to say this when we’re surrounded by such stunning examples of the style, but to put it bluntly, the style is likely to make us top-heavy types look pregnant, as the shapeless lower part of the dress will simply hang from your chest. As a new bride, you’ll have to get used to people asking ‘so when’s it due?’ but do you really want the interrogations to start on your wedding day?

If, on the other hand you’ve got it and you want to flaunt it, to create a really dazzling figure, corsetry is again an option for bigger-busted brides. While the enhancing properties of a corset are obvious here, this is a good option if your main concern is droop, because a firm corset will sort that issue out in an instant! It’s also possible to find corsets that flatten and/or shape your bust into whatever form makes you most comfortable, so in many ways it’s a good way to get your boobs under control. Check out Velda Lauder’s bridal section for some stunning corsetry, or Fairygothmother for a wider selection.

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