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Get the look: ‘white trash’ wedding à la Heidi Klum

By AbiSilvester on May 11th, 2009 1 comment

white-trash-wedding.jpgLet’s face it. However much money you spend, however much time and effort you put into getting everything just right – someone will always question your taste. So why not just cut to the chase and hold the tackiest, most bad-taste wedding you can imagine?

That was what Heidi Klum and Seal did when they renewed their wedding vows in Malibu yesterday. A heavily-pregnant Heidi sported cornrows in her hair and puffed on what I’m hoping were fake cigarettes, while dressed in a rhinestone-encrusted, high-necked frock horror that Barbie would be proud to wear.

heidi-klum-and-seal.jpgSo why not take a leaf out of their book and host a trashy wedding of your own? I’ve carefully picked out a few suggestions for a tacky big day here, including the worst dress ever, a wedding cake topper (any topper is tacky but, the type that reinforce gender stereotypes are beyond tasteless) and an Elvis impersonator, cheap tiara and a nice bucket of KFC for the buffet. Oy oy!

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