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YAY OR NAY: Bubble-hem wedding dress

By AbiSilvester on May 7th, 2009 1 comment


It’s hard work finding anything bad to say about an Oscar de la Renta dress, but this one did set my fashion eyebrow a-wagging as the designer has incorporated an aspecct of 80s styling that’s certainly not to everybody’s taste: the bubble hem.

What’s next, you might wonder. A wedding ra-ra skirt? But the delicate folding of the fabric here is so subtle and well-crafted I think he might have just about got away with it, and it’s a style that could easily catch on after a few putative celebrity outings. What do you think?

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  • Missy

    It’s a gorgeous dress! You have to see it on a real bride wearing a veil., etc. I don’t think it’s an 80’s flashback at all.

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