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Budget Bridal Beauty: The perfect wedding blow dry

By AbiSilvester on June 15th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

bridal-hair.jpgHowever gorgeous your dress may be, your wedding ‘do’ will ultimately make or break your look. But what if you don’t want to splash out on an expensive hair makeover prior to the event? I’ve found that (much to my surprise) the key to looking your best could be a good old-fashioned blow dry, and here’s why…

Blow drying is enjoying something of a revival at the moment, providing a bouncy antidote to the bland and rather flat look created by the straightening irons we’ve all sworn by for the past decade. As a GHD devotee with an unruly wave, I was highly sceptical when I first heard this claim, but when I finally agreed to let a stylist near me with a hairdryer, I was delighted by the results. My hair was full of life and body, yet very much ‘tamed’, giving it a filmstar look that instantly said ‘weddings!’ to me. And once you’ve perfected this skill at home, you can have that glamour every day, for free.

Read on for our top blowdrying tips from a styling expert…

On your wedding day, you want your hair to look healthy but also styled in such a way that it’ll withstand the best part of 24 hours’ running around, scooting from venue to venue and dancing. Blow drying works well in this respect, as a decent job should last you into at least the following day. Most hairstylists will offer the service at a cost, but if you want to practice getting the look by yourself, here are some top tips offered to me by stylist Louise at Trevor Sorbie in Brighton where I had my hair transformed from a frizzy mess to a sleek and smooth Marilyn Monroe do.

So impressed was I with the result, that I decided to ask how I could do it myself…

Tips for a great home blow-dry

Blow drying sounds like an easy task, and most of us do it every day, but doing it in a way that creates dramatic shapes and doesn’t result in a lot of frizz for the dry-haired is no easy feat! The first thing to bear in mind is that it’s easier to blow-style hair with an extra pair of hands, so if you can enlist a willing bridesmaid, all the better. But doing your own simply takes practice. Here’s what you’ll need to get it right:

ceramic-blow-dry-brush.jpg1. Tools of the trade: before you even consider trying to blow dry your hair into a style, you’ll need to make sure you have decent equipment. The most basic requirement besides the dryer itself is a ceramic blow dry brush like this one from Look Fantastic, pictured left. This style of brush allows you to create the tension necessary to pull your hair into whatever style you want.

As for the type of dryer you use, there are loads of options out there and you may well have already found a trusty dryer you want to keep. If you’re in the market for a new one, a good way to ensure quality is to go for one of the brands used by salons. Trevor Sorbie have their own range that I can recommend, with prices starting at around £25, and Vidal Sassoon have some very good (and nice-looking!) dryers like this very cute one from JustBeautifully. Another tried and tested brand is Babyliss, whose range is available at Boots.

2. Section. When you’re drying, make sure your hair stays sleek by first working it into sections, then styling each one at a time. Using the round ceramic brush to lift each will add body and bounce.

3. Use a styling cream to ensure your new looks holds – this step is especially important for weddings! My current fave is Bumble & Bumble’s styling creme, which is neither a gel nor a mousse, yet it works a lot like both. Curly hair will love the definition it gives, while it’s excellent when blow drying thick, heavy hair and for combing through short styles that dry naturally. Like all of B&B’s range, it also comes in a lovely bottle and smells delicious. You’ll need to work it through your hair while it’s still damp for an amazing sheen. £18 at Look Fantastic

4. Airflow direction. it seems an obvious point, but one of the most common blow-drying pitfalls is not paying enough attention to the direction you’re drying in. The correct direction is, of course, downwards from the top of the head. Otherwise, you’re looking at frizz-city.

6. Heated rollers are an easy alternative if all this sounds way too fiddly – you’ll get much the same effect and a set costs around £16.

So here’s my ‘look’ before and after the hot air. You may not want to go for such a bouncy look, but I thought it was a great example of blowing a bit of life into tired, lacklustre hair.
before and after sorbie2.jpg

Still not convinced you can pull it off? Trevor Sorbie offer blow dry lessons at the Brighton salon. Contact them for details on 01273 220007 for details of when you can attend!