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Carly Zucker marries Joe Cole in a dressing gown?

By AbiSilvester on June 22nd, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

carly-zucker-and-joe-cole.jpgOf couse she didn’t. But just think for a moment how great it would’ve been if she had? In an age when celebrities spend what many of us earn in a year on their dresses, I’d love to see a WAG taking one for the team and marrying in a humble bath robe, or let’s face it, even limiting herself to a dress costing a respectable four figures.

The dressing gown, emblazend on the back with the word ‘bride’ was in fact there to protect Zucker’s real gown – a £10,000 Ana Cristache number – from photographers en route to the chapel. The couple have signed an exclusive deal with one of the glossies, so you won’t be seeing the dress for a few days yet, but if it’s anything like this one I can’t fault Zucker on style. Cristache’s dresses are tasteful and timeless pieces that cut stunning silhouettes. Rumours that Zucker’s own figure revealed an unmistakable ‘pregnancy bump’ have yet to be confirmed…

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