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Did you meet your partner at a wedding?

By AbiSilvester on June 19th, 2009 1 comment

holdinghands.jpgAlong with the office party and now the Internet, weddings are said to be a breeding ground for potential partners; a social space where singletons stick out like sore thumbs. That last bit’s certainly true, as anyone who’s ever tried to book a room for one in the guests’ hotel will gladly tell you. But is this really a good way to find romance?

I attended a fair few weddings during my single years, and have to say that none of them produced the smallest glimmer of romance for me. I do recall having a few of those rather patronising ‘I’ll marry you if we’re both still single at 40’ conversations with drunk, platonic friends, but I was mostly too busy having fun.

What’s been your experience of weddings as pick-up-joints?

  • Sharon

    Well, I met my fiance at a friend’s wedding… Gets a big aaah! when I tell people. Don’t think I know of anyone else though, so not sure how likely it is!

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