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Get the Look: Goth Wedding

By AbiSilvester on June 23rd, 2009 4 comments

goth-wedding.jpgIt’s no secret that Goths love to dress up, but unless it’s covered in blood, white doesn’t usually feature too highly in the gothic wardrobe meaning most traditional wedding gowns are out.

That doesn’t stop many darkly alternative-dressing couples from holding spectacular weddings, however, and a ‘black wedding’ can be an incredible sight to behold. And with the increase in non-white wedding gowns, whether they’re a dark crimson or a deep purple a la Dita Von Teese, Gothic brides now have more choice than ever!

Follow the jump for some great Goth ‘haunts’ where you’ll find these spooky treasures and more!

gothic-wine-glass.jpgTrinkets, accessories and decor

Accessorising a Goth wedding is easy, because all you need do is stick with your usual spooky bags, rings and chokers, all of which are available quite cheaply. It won’t matter if you don’t spend too much, as the items will be in keeping with the theme you’ve already gone to pains to create with your dress, decor and food! I picked out the cufflinks and necklace pictured here from Etsy, where plenty of resident Goths churn out a steady stream of accessories.

If you need almost any gothic-themed items for either body adornment or decor, check out the vast catalogue of Gothic jewellery, fixtures and fittings available to buy from Alchemy Gothic. You’ll find all you need to set the tone here from candle abres to wine glasses that could’ve come straight out of Hogwarts (pictured). To decorate your room, why not make some dark buntings, or look for Halloween decorations like fake spider webs, skulls and garlands?

Spooky cakes

Goth wedding cakes always look striking and eye-catching because they tend to involve those colours we don’t often associate with food: black, blue and silver offset with blood red. The one I’ve chosen here is by Rosebud cakes who are based in the States, but there are several specialist cake designer’s who’ll happily make one for you in the UK. SweetArt have some fabulous examples; my favourite being this black and green cake with peacock feathers. Wonderful!

Daring Dresses

Most Goth girls are already quite comfortable in corsets, which make ideal bridalwear. So getting married means is the ideal excuse for a trip to Gothic Emporium Fairy Goth Mother, which sells every type of corset you could ever want, all made by top quality corsetieres. Alternatively, you might want to try a bespoke corsetiere like Velda Lauder or Curve Couture. The corset will make your outfit, so once that’s sorted out you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding (or making) a suitable tulle skirt to create a dramatic, dark ballgown. Gothweddingdresses, meanwhile, is a handy site to bookmark as it inludes a pre-selected list of wedding dresses in goth-friendly colours. Prices start at around £150.

If you’d like to go for a dress by a ‘conventional’ design name, so many popular styles are now available in red or other non-white shades that you should’t have too much trouble finding a stunning, gothic gown. Suzanne Neville’s short Antoinnette in black is one example; another is Emma Tindley’s red Juliet dress.


You can either go for fresh flowers and have your florist present them in Gothic-coloured ribbon, or check out what The English Leather Rose Company have to offer. As their name suggests, they use leather to create dramatic faux-roses. Each one is handmade by Louise Hugill, who began the company after friends expressed an interest in her hobby. There is a huge range of colours available – more than you’d ever find naturally! and Louise is happy to discuss bespoke choices for your big day.

  • kayleigh_jane

    Don’t forget Maureen Myring Kesterton’s 2006 and 2008 collections, she has some very dramatic dresses in bordeaux and black. See:

  • Abi

    Thanks Kayleigh! I’d not seen Maureen’s work before but (as a bit of a closet goffick myself) I love some of these – especially ‘Tinkerbella’!

    Abi x

  • Hi there,
    If you are planning your wedding and are looking for items of a similar style to those above I’d love to know how successful or not you are being. Please visit my very new blog to see what I’m about and give me your thoughts.
    Thanks x

  • ashley

    Am looking for a black wedding dress

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