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10 signs you’re turning into Bridezilla

By AbiSilvester on July 10th, 2009 2 comments

bridezilla.jpgAndrea Petrou writes: Every bride deserves to be a little bit spoilt in the lead up to their wedding day. After all this is probably the only day you can pretend to be a princess and not be ashamed of it. However, there’s always the few that take it that bit further, pushing to be more like Queen bee than pretty princess, and this type of bride is known as a Bridezilla.

In fact this trend is becoming so common that even has a definition for this word, describing it as “a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious…blend of bride + Godzilla.”
So do you run the risk of falling into this category? Read our top ten warning signs to see if you’re on your way.

Read on for those red-hot warning signs!

Dental domination

You insist both sets of immediate family get their teeth whitened and straightened, Simon Cowell style, before the big day. It’s a fairly reasonable request as they’ll be in the majority of the wedding photos and you’ll have to keep these for years to come.

Wedding dress witch

Your wedding dress has finally arrived after months of waiting. As soon as it’s out of the packaging you decide it looks too similar to your future sister in laws wedding dress. Although she got married four years ago you demand a new one and decide to take the additional cost from the grooms stag weekend budget, meaning he’ll have to visit Plymouth instead of Prague. But you don’t feel bad; it’s his sister’s fault after all.

Outfit orders

You include a message in the invite informing guests that they are forbidden to wear white, cream, ivory or any similar shades. You even include a Dulux paint card showing all the colours that will not be accepted. Guests turning up with Swarovski crystals or their dresses should also be prepared to be sent home and into another outfit. Sparkles, white, creams and ivory are for your dress only.

Baby bore

You can’t understand why everyone is cooing over your friend’s new baby when you’re standing right in the middle of them talking about your wedding. You’re furious a bundle of poo and vomit is interrupting talk of cake and diamond encrusted tiaras. You were unsure about inviting children before but this has made your mind up. Your wedding day will definitely be a no child/baby/pet zone.

Picture perfect

You make your bridesmaids promise to vet guests as they come into the church and inform you of anyone looking too scruffy, harbouring big red spots or too much hair. You vow to make sure they are suitably distracted when its time for group photos and have a word with the photographer to make sure they are hidden away at the back if disaster strikes and they turn up.

Claws out for the cousin

One of your cousin’s, who has been longing to get engaged to her boyfriend for years, announces he has finally proposed. Although it’s a year until your wedding, you are furious because it takes the spotlight away from you.

Bridesmaid pact

You make your bridesmaids sign a contract prior to agreeing to have them in your wedding. The contract requires them to maintain the same weight and hair-do and stops them from going out on a Friday or Saturday night from the six month count down. You don’t want them looking tired and bloated on your big day.

Boyfriend sabotage

You secretly plant a lady’s g-string in your best mate’s boyfriend’s pocket to deliberately cause an argument between them and hopefully break them up. You don’t like him, don’t want to pay for his dinner or want him in the pictures.

Baby can wait

Your friend has told you she won’t be able to make it as she is booked in to have a caesarean on the day of the wedding. You call the hospital and demand they change the date. The baby can wait another day but you’re only getting married once.

It’s all about me

You assume that every restaurant you visit in the lead up to the wedding will give you a free taster meal and wine. Your venue does so they should too.

  • good piece of advises, i will surely follow all and keep in mind them when planning my wedding.

  • Lindsey

    All rather good advice! Having said that, I was always taught that it was the height of bad manners to turn up to a wedding as a guest wearing white or ivory, as that was strictly for the bride only!

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