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Have own kettle? See our clutter-free gift list ideas

By AbiSilvester on July 7th, 2009 1 comment

gift-list.jpgIt’s pretty unusual these days to get married before you’ve reached the adult milestones of purchasing your first kettle or toaster, so in many ways the traditional ‘gift list’ is becoming obsolete. Nowadays, couples are far more likely to be seeking to reduce clutter than accumulate more knick-knacks, and at a time when money’s tight for a lot of people it can seem a bit unfair to ask your guests to buy objects they may not really be able to afford for the sake of tradition.

That said, family members in particular may want to buy you a gift come hell, high water or recession, so what can you do if you want genuinely useful presents that won’t end up clogging up the loft? There are some great suggestions here on gifts that help the planet, setting up honeymoon funds and even how to persuade your well-meaning guests that you really don’t want presents…

Nobody wants clutter, and knowing you won’t be showered with a mountain of it on your wedding day can be a blessed relief. Whether your a bride or groom looking to give suggestions for your own gift list or a guest looking for inspiration, the following ideas should make perfect presents to be appreciated.

  • Giving to a charity is a great wedding gift idea, perfect for the couple who has everything already.

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