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Perfect dresses for an English country garden ceremony

By Andrea Petrou on August 17th, 2009 1 comment

Picture the scene, you’re walking down the aisle looking around at your guests and someone you don’t recognise catches your eye. You’re sure you’ve seen him before but you can’t quite picture him. Then, just as you reach the end you realise he’s the family postman your parents insisted on inviting as he’s been dropping letters through your door for twenty years.

Fast forward to the reception and you’re smothered by great aunts, uncles and cousins all proclaiming to remember you running around naked in their garden when (thankfully) you were a toddler.

With the increasing pressure to invite everyone from your close family to people who have been delivering milk, letters, organic vegetables, to your wedding, it’s not surprising that many brides are choosing to run away to a small secret garden to get married surrounded by the people that really matter.

However, this poses another problem (nothings ever easy is it?) and that’s the all important outfit, which has to match the setting. Too formal, think big dress and train, and you could look that tiny bit over dressed, but too plain could mean you don’t stand out.

We have a look at the top dresses for a garden wedding that will make you look like a secret garden rose. Click on the picture to start the gallery.

  • Mel

    wow, this is a beautiful dress, love it!

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