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Wedding guest types: The sister in law

By Andrea Petrou on August 19th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

stressed bride.jpgIf you’re a regular reader of Bridalwave then you’ll know about our wedding guest features, each looking at, well the different types of guest you will find at a wedding.

In this installment we look at the third type of guest in this series; The sister in law.

Picture the scene, it’s your sixth date and everything between you and your new boyfriend is going perfectly. He mentions he has a sister the same age as you and although it’s a little bit daunting, you’re pleased that you might gain a new friend out of the relationship, how bad can it be?

Fast forward two years, you’re planning your wedding (yes the boyfriend of six dates is now a permanent fixture in your life) and everything is going swimmingly. However, your groom’s sister, who you have built a close bond with, has suddenly turned into something you can only describe as a sisterinlawzilla.

So what is a sisterinlawzilla? Well imagine a bridezilla (if you’re not you’re not sure then read our top ten tips) but worse. This little madam has decided she will not stand back and let you enjoy the lead up to your day or the day itself pulling stunts that would make even the wicked witch of the east look like an angel.

Gemma is one bride who encountered such a problem, when she was planning her wedding to her boyfriend last year.

“Roxy and I had been close since my other half introduced us three years ago, and I couldn’t wait to have her as a sister in law,” she said.

However, not even ten minutes after the engagement had been announced the cracks started to appear. Single at the time, Roxy claimed she was tired and went home.
A few weeks later Roxy met someone, got engaged and begun planning a wedding, that would take place before Gemma’s. Even worse, the dress she picked out to wear to Gemma’s wedding was too similar to a wedding dress.

“Roxy spent my entire wedding day, chatting to my friends and showing them pictures of her wedding day,” adds Gemma.

Although this may seem like a scene from Eastenders, other brides have also had the sisterinlawzilla experience. A friend of mine, let’s call her Leanne, was forced to admit she had only invited one couple because there were spaces left over, after her sister in law outed her. Another friend was forced to look like a fool in front of her guests (think Mr Bean style moves) after her sister in law made her partake in a cultural dance that she didn’t have a clue about.

So next time you get close to a boyfriend’s sister, look into the future and imagine what she’d be like at your wedding, and remember never tell her about the people you had to invite to fill the spaces.

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