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How to: Do your own wedding hair

By Andrea Petrou on September 7th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

Hair up.jpgNow I’m all for doing your own hair on your wedding day. After all with all the other expenses this is something you can save a great deal of money on, especially if you have a talent for it.

However, if you don’t and you’re scared of messing it up, then don’t worry. We spoke to Clynol Ambassador Pete Burkill who gave us a few tips to pass onto you.

He told us: “Wedding hair doesn’t have to be too fussy or over the top (as it is often worn), infact simple and effortless can have more impact and make more of a statement. Nor does it have to break the bank.

Firstly prep the hair by shampooing it, Clynol’s Look At Me Dazzle Colour & Shine Shampoo (250ml, £8.95) is brilliant as it adds lustrous shine to the hair, without having to overload it with products. Then dry the hair by tipping your head upside down and running your fingers through it to maximise on volume.

To help it along I would use a light volumising spray when the hair is just about dry (but not fully) apply large velcro rollers (the size of the rollers will determine the shape of the curl) and then blast with heat for 5 minutes and leave to cool for 30mins.”

He said next gently remove the rollers and lightly run fingers through the root to soften any partings which will give the Cheryl Tweedy volumous wavy look. You will need to secure the look with hairspray.

Then section a centimeter square of hair above each ear and roughly plait it, before securing it with a curby grip underneath a section of hair towards the back of the head, this is a simple way of having gorgeous Boho wedding hair that would make Sienna Miller jealous!

And he had a few tips for brides that want to have their hair up for the wedding day, especially those that are a dab hand with the straightners at curling hair. However, don’t panic if you’re not because you can achieve the same look with heated rollers.

Pete said: “After the hair is prepped and curly, allow two sections of hair from the parting to fall around the face and loosely scrape the rest of the hair into a ponytail, just above the nape on the obsipital bone, it is important not to be too rough with the hair as the definition in the curl is your guideline for the next stage.

“Then randomly selecting curls from the tip twist and wrap around the middle of the forefinger and then secure with a curby grip (that is the same colour as your hair) to the hair outside the ponytail. Do this to the majority of the hair and remember it doesn’t matter if some hair is left out so simply fluff the curl and the end result will look stunning and can be passed off as a professions handy work.”

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