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What to do with your wedding dress after the big day.

By Andrea Petrou on September 21st, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

happy-bride.jpgDresses are the most important part of a wedding day and we know how much they will also mean to you after the event itself. However, many brides will store these dresses in their wardrobe to gather dust and many won’t see the light of day again. We suggest a few ways to recycle a wedding or bridesmaid dress.

1. Sell it.
Here at Bridalwave we’ve been looking at the sheer number of wedding and bridesmaid dresses available on Ebay. If you don’t want to keep the dress and won’t feel funny about giving it away then this is a perfect way to make some money. Other sites you can sell your dress on include specially set up UK site and Both let you set up a page with pictures of the dress, and a description including the price you are asking.

2. Wear it differently
Brides who have opted for a corset top and skirt can recycle the top here. If you have a white or ivory corset you can take this into most dry cleaners which will dye it to the colour you want. If you have a lot of beading we recommend a dark colour as it will look less like a wedding dress corset. Wear with jeans or a nice pair of trousers for a smart look. If the corset or top is attached to the skirt then it’s advisable to ask a dress maker to help you unstitch it.

3.Cut it
We felt a shiver go down our spine too when we wrote the word cut, but if you want to make use out of your dresses then you may just have to bite the bullet. Traditionally wedding dresses were often cut up to make a baby’s christening gown. However, that’s just one, old fashioned option. If you have a big dress made in silk, satin, or lace then you’ll know how much fabric you actually have in your dress. Use this to make pillowcases, or even a quilt cover for the beginning of everyday life. Those feeling undomesticated can also use this fabric to make a handbag. We’ll be giving you tips on how to do this later on in the week.

4. Have a girl’s night in
We have to admit that this is not the most original or creative idea and it might scare off a few neighbours but for fun and reminiscing you can’t go wrong. Invite other past brides for a girl’s night in with a difference. Yes, you all have to wear your wedding dresses. Keep the theme going around different brides houses where you can all settle down and watch the host’s wedding video.

5.Pass it on
If you have a very close friend who is getting married after you then passing your dress to her may be an idea. It’s amazing what alterations can be done on a dress now and some dresses can be transformed completely. Alternatively put it in storage for your little girl to wear when she grows up.

6. Recycle it for charity
There are many charities that recycle old clothes for charity, or send them away to third world countries. Log onto to find the best charity for you.

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