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Cakes to your door finds men don’t have much say when it comes to choosing the wedding cake

By Andrea Petrou on October 16th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

Cake research.jpgWe weren’t really shocked when we heard about this, but it confirmed what we always knew, brides to be always have the last say over their grooms when it comes to their special day, even with the cake.

Research by Cakes to your door has found that only 10% of grooms choose their wedding cake on their own (we told you it wasn’t a revelation).

This compares with 30 per cent of women who organise the wedding cake themselves. The statistics also show that although 60 per cent of couples choose their wedding cake together, almost half organise it without their partners’ input.

Kevin Slatter, co-owner at Cakes to Your Door said: “It’s interesting that so few men get the task of organising the wedding cake themselves, yet our statistics also revealed that of those men that are involved in choosing the cake, a huge 80 per cent of them get to choose the cake filling with only 20 per cent of women getting the final say on this aspect; does this mean women are more concerned with the appearance of the cake and for men, it’s taste that is more important?”

We know that when it comes to our day, we’ll definitely be choosing the cake AND the filling on our own.

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