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Confetti gives brides skin care advice for their special day

By Andrea Petrou on October 8th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

Thumbnail image for Hair up.jpgEvery girl wants to glow on their big day, whether it’s in a bright white dazzling dress or a subtle facial glow. If you’re the kind that wants to go for the latter then Confetti has come up with a range of tips to help you achieve this. It’s put together a guide giving brides advice from bronzing to zapping spots and cold sores. There are so many tips, that we can’t share them all but we’ve picked out, what we hope are the best ones, to help you out on your special day.

Get the Bridal Glow
Brides that want to look tanned on their day are given three pieces of advice: Confetti tells you to spend some time on a sun bed (we’re not sure we agree with this), invest in a self-tanning formula or go subtle with bronzing powder. It says self tanners are a safe and reliable way to get that golden glow. There are a number of them available, so you might want to test out a few. Unless you’re an experienced user, you might want to leave the application to an expert. Most spas have a self-tanning treatment where they’ll ensure you are suitably exfoliated, buffed and moisturised to avoid the streaky look.
If you want that lightly sun-kissed look, a bronzing powder is the way to go. Apply it where you’d naturally be browned by the sun — across your cheekbones, nose and brow. Avoid frosted bronzers, as they can look artificial. Stick to matte formulas and the golden girl look is yours.

Zap the spot
And brides prone to spot can also keep them at bay by cleansing and moisturizing their skin morning and night. Also pay attention to your diet. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, wholegrain foods such as brown rice and pasta and live natural yoghurt, and try to drink between eight to ten glasses of water per day. When you do get a break out avoid handling, squeezing or picking spots at all costs as this will help to prevent any cross-infection.

Bag up the eyebags

Finally those of us who suffer from the dreaded bags under our eyes are advised to, well bag them up, with a simple tapping massage. With your middle finger, tap the under-eye area lightly but swiftly, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye and back again. Start as soon as you can: just a minute a day can bring noticeable results.
We have to say we love these little tips from the one stop wedding shop, and we’ll be trying out these ourselves too.

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