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How to choose your flowers and florist

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

wedding flowers.jpgFlowers are a must have for any wedding, and can really finalise the event, giving colour and adding decoration. However, like everything on your day, choosing whats right for you and the mood you want to create can be difficult. Then there’s the traditional methods behind these, and what you’ll need to go down this route.

We give you a few tips on what to look for.

You may think your choice of flowers is reflecting your colour theme but to an older generation they could mean something else. As far back as the ancient Greek era, flowers in weddings have meant different things. For example, the popular Lily in some cultures can be associated with death. Check with you’re florist who will be able to give you some more information on your flowers of choice and what they mean.

What you need for the big day.
A bride wouldn’t feel complete without a bouquet, and there are many varieties out there. The trend for these are currently a hand tied posey, which is small enough for the bride to hold and won’t detract from the detailing on her dress. However, those with a plainer frock may want to opt for the 80s mounted arrangement, which involves hanging flowers and leaves and mounted onto a plastic piece, which is then held by the bride.

Button holes.
Button holes are usually worn by the best men and close family to indicate their relationship to the groom or bride. While many couples traditionally opted for carnations, the trend has developed into roses and, if you have a big bridal budget lilies. Some button holes often go beyond just the flower, with many brides opting for little diamantes and crystals to add decoration. Once again speak to your florist about this and agree a charge.

Choosing your florist.

The florist should be booked approximately five to six months before the wedding, if not sooner, and a meeting arranged at approximately six weeks to discuss and finalise ideas.

A professional florist will be able to do just about anything when it comes to your wedding flowers, However, its wise to take a few tips to ensure you actually get the best from them. This includes asking friends and family for personal recommendations. Some florists also leave their business cards on a wedding table they have designed the arrangement for so next time your at a friends wedding and like the design look for a card.

You should also shop around. Take a few examples of the style you like and ask the florist to make them up for you (many do this free of charge), as well as getting quotes. It’s also important to take into consideration the season and whats available as asking for a flower thats not naturally grown within the season you’re getting married will drive up the cost.

It’s also a good idea to ask about visiting the florist early on the morning of another wedding to look at the flowers and the ways they can be arranged. If you are getting married in a church and want to move flowers to a reception its also worth asking if you’re florist will take care of the transportation.

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