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How to choose a wedding cake baker

By Andrea Petrou on December 8th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

wedding.jpgA wedding cake is a traditional aspect of the wedding day and has its own special show during the course of the event.

However there is an abundance of wedding cake companies and bakers out there, and unless you have the time, and metabolism to try every single one advertised in the back of a bridal magazine or the yellow pages you could end up getting confused.

We’ve therefore put together a few tips to help you find your perfect cake, and cake maker and the questions you need to ask to do this.

Step one: Ask friends and family
We know, we always say this, but a recommendation from someone you know really is the best way to find good suppliers. Some cake makers will also be willing to give you a discount if you speak to them about a previous cake they made for someone you know.
It’s also a good idea to try as many wedding cakes as possible at friends weddings. Take home a small sample so you can try it the day after when the wine and rich food isn’t there to blur your tastebuds. A good wedding cake should taste just as good the day after too.

Step two: Visit Bridal shows.
Bridal shows are an excellent place to sample various companies wedding cakes. Not only are they all in one place but, it means you can compare the different tastes on the day too. Many cake makers will also offer you a wedding fair discount if you order as a result of seeing them at the show. Just make sure you ask them before you leave the stand. Again it’s also wise to see if you can take a sample home with you, so you can try them without all the confusion the next day.

Step three: Shortlist
Once you’ve sampled a range of cakes shortlist the number down to three and book an appointment to go and see them.

Step four: What to ask.

During you’re appointments with your selected cake maker you should not only ask to try the cake but also the range of different icings, some bakers may also make you a mini cake of your choice to take home and sample with your friends. If you have a specific cake design in mind then also find out if the baker can design a cake from your design or from a picture. Also ask if they charge any extra fee for such a service.

Step five: The portfolio
Creativity is just as important as taste when it comes to your baker so ask to show you a portfolio or pictures of wedding cakes that they have previously made. This will help you to determine if you like the baker’s style and also give you an idea about their creativity.

Step six: Preparation
Ask the baker when they will be baking and icing your cake. Although this is done days in advance, you still don’t want your wedding cake to be baked more than 10 days prior to the wedding. The icing on the cake should be done no more than 2 days before the wedding, as this ensures the freshest of cakes.

Step seven: Extra charges.
Although wedding cakes are expensive, some companies will still try to add on extra costs such as delivery, set up, cake tops, pillars, or columns. Therefore it’s important to clear this up before you sign anything. Failing to do so could end up costing you over £100 more.

Step eight: Wrap it up
Once you’ve picked your cake maker, get them to write down a detailed list of costs. Also don’t feel embarrassed to call them in the lead up to your big day if you have any questions. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this then perhaps they aren’t the right company for you.

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