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How to make a wedding cake

By Andrea Petrou on December 8th, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

cake.jpgWe’ve told you about where to find a wedding cake company, but there will be those of you who may not have the budget to have exactly what you want. Some may opt to choose a less tasty cake at a cheaper price to rectify this, while others may choose to make their own (no we don’t think you’re mad). If you can bake, and have made a good few in your time then making a wedding cake isn’t as hard as it sounds. We’ve put together a few tips to help you become a domestic bridal baking goddess.

Step one: What’s your flavour?
Traditional wedding cakes are fruit loaves, iced with white icing, and although they are still popular today, many of us are opting for trendy tasty alternatives such as lemon, orange, chocolate and carrot. It’s therefore wise to taste a few at wedding fairs to find out exactly what you want. If you’re feeling brave you may also want to consider different flavours for different tiers.

Step two: Find a recipe and try it out.
Once you’ve decided on the flavour of your cake it’s time to find a decent recipe. Thankfully these aren’t in short demand and you’ll find a range of different methods on the internet. We like the BBC’s food page where we found a range of different flavour cakes with easy step by step instructions.

Step three: Decide on the style of cake you want.
You may want to go for a traditional tiered wedding cake or opt for something that little bit easier such as cupcakes. These can be stacked to form a big cake and is a perfect way to spend an evening before your wedding day with the girls. Just make sure they bring aprons and rolling pins.

Step Four: Equipment.
Whatever cake style you decide on you’ll need a stand of some sort. Columns for tiered cakes can be bought easily from most cookery stores such as Lakeland but if you’re looking for a cupcake stand you may need to hire one out. Contact your local bakery who may be able to help you out. Cake tins and rolling pins can also be hired from cookery stores meaning you won’t have to shell out a fortune for these either. Alternatively visiting a supermarket may give you cheaper options for these.

Step Five: Icing a tiered cake
Icing a tiered cake is alot harder than it looks. You’ll need to get the consistency just right and put it on evenly to make the cake look professional. If you haven’t got the knack of it throughout your practice runs then you could consider asking a professional to finish it off. It’s then down to decoration.

You can be as creative as you like with you’re cake but we recommend keeping it simple and elegant. Buy ribbon from garden centres to go around a tiered creation and opt for a butterfly theme for cupcakes. These again can be bought from a local garden centre.

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