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How to make your own bridal wedding bouquet

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2009 3 comments

round bouquet.jpgWith some bridal budgets being tight, sometimes flowers fall onto the bottom of your must have list, after all a dress, shoes and groom’s outfit are much more important. However, as we’ve said before, flowers are seen by many as an essential part of the day, especially the brides wedding bouquet. So we’ve put together a few steps on how to make a hand tied bouquet, which will work out a lot cheaper than visiting a florist.

Bouquet step one: Decide on the style you like.
Before you begin even thinking about putting your bouquet together you have to be sure about what you want. You may like something in a magazine, but once you’ve put it together it may not be what you’re looking for. Therefore its advisable to visit a florist and ask them for a mock up of the design. As you won’t be hiring them, you may have to pay a small charge but this shouldn’t be anymore than £20 or an average bunch of flowers. You’ll also be able to discuss the types of flowers that will be in season at the time of year you’re getting married. As we’ve said before, this is important as flowers not in season will cost considerably more.

Bouquet step two: Choose your flowers.
A wedding bouquet consists of three different flower types: The focal flowers, which are the main bloom that will catch your guests eye. The transitional flowers are the ‘fill-in’ flowers, which pad out the arrangements, and the foliage is the greenery that complements the flowers. Therefore you should focus most of your budget on the focal flowers. If you opt for more than one type then keep the transitional flowers at a minimum so the display doesn’t look too busy. Mini gerberas are a good filler here.

Bouquet step three: Buying your flowers
You’ll want to get the cheapest price possible for your chosen flowers, so it’s wise to ask around different florists to see what they can offer. However, a cheaper, and more interactive way to choose is to also consider visiting a flower market. There are many of these scattered around the country, but Covent Garden’s flower market is probably the most well known.

Flower markets are traditionally for florists, who buy their stock here at wholesale prices. The good news is many are open to the public. The bad, you’ll have to be there at 4 in the morning to get your stock. Call your local market to find out exact times, and to check if they are open to the public

Bouquet step four: Making the bouquet.
Practice making your bouquet a few times before the real event to ensure you have everything right. It’s advisable to make your bouquet the night before your big day and it will be perfectly fine if stored in a cool place such as a garage.

Take your focal flowers and arrange them around the middle, in the design you want. You can also opt to decorate them further but adding glitter. If you want to do this, a simple glitter spray will suffice. However, its also wise to ask a florist what the best way to do this is.

Once you have your focal flowers in place scatter the transitional flowers in between and around the sides, before adding the foliage. You should make sure that this sits around the edges of the flowers. Use a piece of twine to hold these together and cover it using a ribbon. It’s advisable to stick this to the twine to ensure it doesn’t slip off during the day.

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